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Locating high pitch noise from PC power supply.

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Sam Nickaby, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. Sam Nickaby

    Sam Nickaby Guest

    My computer power supply has been acting strange lately. Whenever
    I shut off the PC, the power supply creates a very high pitch, continuous
    noise like several Cicadas on steroids. I have tinnitus so I didn't notice
    the problem until recently. I'd determined that it came from the power
    supply because when I pull the power supply from the motherboard
    or shutdown the PC the sound gets louder. I noticed that the power
    supply fan was removed when the bearing began to produce a loud
    noise a month ago - that could be the problem.What part of the power
    supply is capable of producing a very high pitch continuous noise
    like a Cicada?

  2. There's often a tiny stand-by power supply that's always on. It's the
    tiny transformer near the power plug. Putting a lot of spray varnish
    on it may help.

    BTW you'd better replace the fan pronto. PS's will run without it but
    the extra heat will eventually shorten its life.
  3. Daniel Rudy

    Daniel Rudy Guest

    At about the time of 2/14/2006 6:26 AM, Sam Nickaby stated the following:
    First thing that you need to do is put a fan in it. Those things run hot.

    What can produce a squeal? In TVs, there is such a thing called a
    singing flyback. I've also seen diodes and transistors do this before
    catastrophic failure. Best bet is to replace the supply unless you want
    to attempt to fix it. If you do work on it, there is one thing that I
    want to make very, very, very clear...


    I don't want to read in the paper that you were electrocuted by one of
    these things. They usually quad the line voltage so they can get a
    tighter regulation. This means that inside the case on the primary side
    of the switcher, you have 480VDC at currents that can exceed 1A.

    Daniel Rudy

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