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local monitoring

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by mikey, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. mikey

    mikey Guest

    Is local monitoring still as attractive as it used to be?

    I've been with the same local station for 17 years but I get some incredible offers from out of province stations. My existing one overflows to out of province stations, what's the big deal?

    New customers still ask though... if I move, how can I sugarcoat it?

    Service centres are still LOCAL
    Installers are still LOCAL
    .... ?
  2. shady

    shady Guest

    As long as the service and installation is local, it doesn't really matter
    where it gets monitored.

    The only thing with local monitoring (at least in my area) is that they're
    not ULC approved stations. So if the one guy working that night goes for a
    smoke break, and your house gets broken into at that moment, you're outta
  3. Jim

    Jim Guest

    Do UL central station have a restriction about their employees taking
    smoke breaks?
    Just kidding.

    Just a thought but ..... I don't think that being UL says that the
    service is going to be any better or worse than a well run non-UL
    central. Just because it's "supposed" to be better, doesn't mean it
    will be.
  4. Local means nothing, a phone line is a
    Not true.
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