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LM393 failure

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by PhoneBone, Jun 8, 2004.

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  1. PhoneBone

    PhoneBone Guest

    Hi everybody out there !
    I'm having problems with a LM393 (open collector output)used as a
    voltage controller to a 12V lead battery: when voltage drops below
    minimum voltage a
    battery-low signal is issued. Connected to the 10k Ohm pull-up
    resistor is a cpu-reset push-button, fed in to a flip-flop. What
    happens is that somehow, after
    a number of reset-button presses, the LM393 shorts its output to
    ground even if according to input signal levels I expect it to go
    high. So whats the buzz???
    Thanks a Ton
  2. Obiously on the input or output the current demand is too high, if the
    voltages are correct. You must probably add a resistance value
    somewhere to limit the current, or check to see is there is any
    voltage spiking that must be supressed.

    Jerry G.
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