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LM3914 --help :/

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by [email protected], Dec 2, 2005.

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  1. Guest

  2. Ryan Weihl

    Ryan Weihl Guest

  3. Guest

    no the it blinks as it should in that configuration shown on 12th page,
    but i do not undrestand why it blinks ...the idea ...could someone
    easely explain that ?

  4. Ryan Weihl

    Ryan Weihl Guest

    ok, now change the voltage on the input and you
    should see different led's turning on and of.
    The blinking led's mean noise on the input
  5. Ryan Weihl

    Ryan Weihl Guest

    ok now after reading you question again I understand what you mean.
    I did use this display, thats why I answerd. The blinking is controlled
    by the mode pin. see page 7 (and 8). I only used it dot mode as
    an amp-meter.
  6. Guest

    i have read p 7 and 8 and it doesn't say anything bout blinking :( i
    thionk that blinking is controlred by feedback capacitor but m not
    ssure .. what do u thing bout that?

  7. Guest

    take a look at pa 12 design with alarma flasher that ios what i am
    talking bout, but i do not understend the idea of blinking :(
  8. Ryan Weihl

    Ryan Weihl Guest

    look at page 7: Mode Pin use.
    Dot display: leave the mode select pin open
    Bar graph display: Wire Mode Select(pin 9) directly to pin 3
    next: Dot or Bar mode selection, gives you details on what the
    mode pin does.
    Hope this helps
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