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Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Skeleton Man, Jan 17, 2005.

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  1. Skeleton Man

    Skeleton Man Guest

    Hi all,

    I have a dead Yamaha soundcard with an LM317M chip, and the chip has the middle
    leg missing.. just wondering is this a normal thing (ie. delibaretly removed) or
    would this be the reason the card is dead ? if so is it easy to get a
    replacement ?

  2. No, it is not normal, since the middle pin (on the TO-220 package) is
    the output.
    See: page 2.

    But the tab is also the output, so if there is a connection to the
    tab, then it is possible for it to be used without the middle pin. Is
    the pin cut off, or blown (melted) off?

    These are quite common and not very expensive.
  3. Skeleton Man

    Skeleton Man Guest

    No, it is not normal, since the middle pin (on the TO-220 package) is
    Looks like it's normal... mine matches the D-Pak package which doesn't use the
    middle pin.. and the tab is connected too.. I mistook it for being broken.. tho
    why they leave like 1mm of pin still there I'd like to know ?

    Thanks for the help... looks like whatver the problem is, isn't visible.. (I do
    realise the card is worth all of 10 bux, but next time it might be a $100 card
    that goes and you wouldn't just toss that..)

  4. I suspect this is not the famous LM317 voltage regulator, but some
    proprietary component.

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