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Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Shane Kirkman, Sep 24, 2003.

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  1. DickSmith dosent seem too have a Lm308 or 108. Is there something simiar I
    could use.

    Eat-Drink-Smoke and be Happy.
  2. It's thirty years old which would explain it not being in the catalog.
    It also was never commonly used in hobby circles, except if you
    really needed it's capabilities.

    It's real claim to fame was really low input current, 10 times
    that of an FET input op-amp according to the National datasheet from
    the time. So when you saw them, they'd be in DC applications where
    offset would be problematic.

    It helps if you'd specify what it's being used for. If for some reason
    it's an AC application, replacement is probably very easy. If it's
    DC, finding a replacement may be more of a problem. But then, op-amps
    have gotten better since then. You'd need to be looking at specs,
    and comparing.

  3. Its for a digital thermometer
  4. CFoley1064

    CFoley1064 Guest

    DickSmith dosent seem too have a Lm308 or 108. Is there something simiar I
    Farnell is in Australia, they accept credit cards, and they have the LM308H and
    LM308AH in stock. I believe they take plastic.

    Order Code 398433 LM308AH $10.64
    Order Code 398470 LM308H $4.94

    Digi-Key (a U.S. outfit) has the LM308AN (8-pin DIP pkg), LM308H and LM308AH
    (TO-99 can) for $1.75 to $3.60 USD. International orders have a $6.00 USD
    surcharge added to the order, plus shipping is somewhat more. They also have a
    minimum order restriction.

    The LM308 is a 1970's vintage op amp, SOTA for its time. Unless you can
    provide a schematic, anyone answering your question would probably just be
    guessing as to a substitute. It might be worth it (particularly if you're
    working off of existing circuit board artwork) to just bite the bullet and
    order the thing.

    Good Luck.
  5. David Barry

    David Barry Guest

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