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lm 1949

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by mark krawczuk, Feb 27, 2005.

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  1. hi, does any body know where i can get the LM 1949 injector drive in
    australia ?
    mark k

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  2. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "mark krawczuk"

    ** Err - from some old BJ printer on the kerbside ??

    ............. Phil
  3. Typical of Phil. An answer that is as useful as tits on a bull.

    Not in Australia but these guys have them in stock -

    Or try a Google search or place a wanted ad free at

  4. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    Some Rabid Psycho Poof from Perth

    ** Err - there is a $US 300 minimum order..

    Buy a bunch of printers for that.

    .............. Phil
  5. No wonder you are a failure Phil. You'd spend days scouring the rubbish
    bins and verge trash throw outs for spare parts for your toaster repair
    service. In case you hadn't noticed recently - time is money when you are
    in a real business. US$30 is nothing in the big picture, but of course your
    under $50k per year gross turnover, flea bitten, non GST reporting, bed-sit
    located, toaster bugger-uppering "business" is not a real business so I
    suspect scouring the rubbish bins is an economical proposition for you.

    Go back to fiddling your blow up doll dickhead.
  6. real funny


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  7. i`d say phil knows dick about electronics.


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  8. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "mark krawczuk"

    ** I'd say mark the Wog from Hell is a top posting pig ignorant **** with
    a busted printer.

    But then I like to understate things.

    .............. Phil
  9. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    Some 48 year old Rabid Psycho Poof from Perth who got the arse from Telstra"

    ** The figure is US $300 !!!!!!!!! - you criminal fucking idiot.

    The OP is not in business - he is just another wog POS top poster.

    The obsolete part he needs is likely to be in old printers he can get for

    ** Go back to your kiddie porn - arse bandit.

    ................ Phil
  10. with a name like PHIL allison, i`d say he`s a chick with a dick.
    phil - man
    allison- woman


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  11. Phil Allison is the ignorant bigot with a bad case of Tourette's syndrome.

    Phil never understates anything. If anything he colourfully decorates his
    posts by recapitalising people's names (e.g. to "mark" instead of "Mark" as
    a sign of insult and disrespect) and then capitalises the name he really
    wants to call them like "Wog from Hell".

    Phil's foul mouth and racist comments are well know in this and other
    newsgroups. He also has an unhealthy preoccupation with other male posters'
    sexualities, genitalis and often referrers to female posters as hags and
    whores. Which makes one wonder what our Phil is really all about?

    Rumours have run rife about his affairs with his blow up doll for years.
    Perhaps there is an element of truth in it. Is it possible that in his late
    50's Phil is still a virgin or is he just confused about his sexuality?

    Phil once complained he hadn't got any royalty, so I suggested he take the
    bus down to Kings Cross or Oxford Street in Darlinghurst where he could meet
    all the royalty he wanted to. Somehow he didn't see the humour in that


  12. In case you hadn't noticed recently - time is money when you are
    in a real business. US$30 is nothing in the big picture

    Go back to fiddling your blow up doll dickhead.

    ***** I wonder what you are still fiddling with??? Where did the US$30 come
    That's "real business" in your opinion?That's the big picture???

    The mind boggles.

    Brian Goldsmith.
  13. Hi Brian,

    In service industries (e.g. Electronics servicing) you are primarily selling
    your time and your skills. There is little or nothing to be made from
    on-selling parts unless you impose one hell of a rip-off mark-up on the
    spares. If replacing a part is cheaper and more practicable for the
    customer then replace the part. There may be undisclosed reasons why the
    customer wants the printer repaired rather than replaced by another model.
    In this case the printer may well have been a $1000+ A3 or larger photo
    printer that may be perfectly okay except for a blown $6 IC. Your economics
    are? Junk the $1000 printer instead of a parts + labour charge?

    For the US$30 bit you have to see Phil's reply. In Phil's first reply he
    suggested that Mark salvage the part "...from some old BJ printer on the
    kerbside ?? ".

    Well if I spend 20 minutes scabbing the tip or verge junk for the elusive
    part I've just blown $30. Even if I was lucky and found a discarded printer
    with the part in it, there would be not guarantee it would still be a
    worker. It would be cheaper and more practical to order the required part
    over the net or by phone even if the minimum order was $30. I'm sure I
    could use the same source to purchase other easily turned over spares to
    make up the $30 minimum order.

    As it is, Rob found a local supplier for the IC at $6.00ea. Even better.

    As for a "real business" definition. One that makes a profit and provides a
    real income for the owner(s) and employment for its staff. Backyard toaster
    techs like Phil can't be making a real living from a less than $50k gross
    turnover per year as their sole source of income in electronic servicing.
    Ask any certified practicing accountant. Exceptions might be the business
    is a part time venture or simply a supplementary income. Remember the key
    clue here is "GROSS ANNUAL TURNOVER" not simply an income from labour alone.
    So in electronic servicing your gross annual income is based on the tax
    invoices you write out to your customers. They include both the cost of the
    replacement parts + the labour charge + any other charges which may apply as
    well as 10% GST.
    10% of the GST associated with labour goes direct to the ATO. GST on parts
    and other services (e.g. courier or mail charges) can be recovered.
    Take out your cost of plant (equipment and tools to set up your business),
    lease on premises, insurances, energy costs (electricity, gas), vehicle,
    vehicle running costs, telecommunications, bookkeeping, tax accountant,
    income tax et al and there is didley squat left over from a gross annual
    turn over under $50k. Unless your overheads are close to nothing and the
    cost of parts isn't in the equation then it is possible to carve a minimal
    living out of an under $50k gross annual turnover business. Unfortunately
    electronic servicing isn't one with no overheads.

    As for the "big picture", try seeing things from a Customer's perspective.
    The example above of the $1000+ photo printer and the $6 part + labour cost.
    If it was your printer would you junk it because it would cost about $56 to
    repair? Perhaps makes sense on a $99 Canon bottom of the range BJ but not
    for a professional $1000+ job.

  14. Oh yeah? Where?

    Now who's the imbecile?
    See the link at the end of the post.
    Unlike you Phyllis darling, some of us haven't had the twisted and unnatural
    Catholic schoolboy upbringing you had. No wonder you hump that blow up
    doll. All those guilt ridden masterbation fantasies you keep on going on
    about and your obsession with the size of other males' penises
    This says it all -
  15. Mark,

    Phil apparently attended (according to him) a Catholic private boys day
    school. So for the meantime we might have to give him the benefit of the
    doubt that he is a male. There is annecdotal evidence to suggest Phil is
    our resident late 50's confirmed virgin. I doubt his dick has seen much
    action except with his "girlfriend" Ms. Blowup Doll (circa late 1960's) when
    Phil discovered his tiny penis had more uses than for simply urinating out

    His extremely bad halitosis meant that getting past first base was a near
    impossibility, that's assuming you could stand the stench of his B.O. Phil
    would have been definitely out of place at Woodstock or part of the free
    love culture of the 60's and early 70's.

    Now in his late 50's, Phil lives a bitter and lonely existence in his Summer
    Hill bed-sit rented flat, buggerring up toasters, trolling the newsgroups
    and making a general nuisance of himself. Pitiful really...

  16. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Alan Rutlidge
    Phil Allison

    ** The poster calls himself "mark" - imbecile.

    ** Everywhere in his posts - you stinking, lying arse bandit.

    ** The Rutmaniac is just making it up as he goes.

    ** No proof to be found there.

    The Rutmaniac needs to figure out who is a female.

    ** The Rutmaniac sure would know all about the delights of Oxford Street.

    Been one himself.

    ** Still criminally libelling the Marist Brothers, I see.

    That will not impress the Old Boy's Association when I inform them of your
    posts and all your details.

    There is no end to your vile criminal bents.

    And "bent" is the right word.

    .................. Phil
  17. No you are the stinking lying arse bandit. Your own words -

    You wrote "marc" in your post NOT "mark" as you have so conveniently self
    corrected yourself you context shifting evidence tampering liar. Now go eat
    the undigested corn kernels out of my shit you poxy faced prick.
    Yes, anything you say Phil. Black is White. White is Black. 2 + 2 = 5.
    Phil logic at it's best.
    Phil, caught out lying in the reply post, still a liar now. Why doesn't
    that surprise anyone?

    The closest Phil has ever been to pussy was at birth and the next door
    neighbours cat. Although there is mounting evidence to suggest that when
    Phil was born the doctor smacked the placenta and threw out the baby.
    And where in my post is the word "Marist" mentioned you autistic dickhead?
    What a fertile imagination you have Phyllis darling! You should give
    toaster buggering up the flick and start writing works of fiction. It seems
    to be your forte Toaster Boi.
    Go ahead, make my day dickhead. The laugh is on you. Call them up. Do it
    right now. I'll wire transfer you the 25 cents for the phone call. What do
    you propose you are going to use as evidence to convince them that they have
    been libelled in this post or anywhere in this entire thread for that matter
    by me or anyone else other than yourself?

    I think you better have your medication checked Phil. Clearly it isn't
    working well or you are in need of a refill.

    Which criminal bents are these Phil? All in your head dear Toaster Boi. As
    I said before, you better have your medication checked and make sure you are
    taking the correct pills. Viagra won't overcome you bi-polar depression. :)
  18. "Alan Rutlidge wrote

    ............. Phil

    ***You didn't answer the question,where did the US$ 30 come from???

    Brian Goldsmith.
  19. The point is now mute. The part can be obtained locally for $6.
  20. hi, when phil was born, the doctor slapped him and his parents slapped each
    phil , stop screwing your mother while your father watches .

    the only pleasure phil gets is jacking of over kmart flyers that come thru
    the post advertising swimwear....
    what s the differance between phill and a bucket of shit ? the bucket.

    phils parents : his father and quasimodo.
    mark k
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