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Lithum Ion battery packs

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by Brian Gregory [UK], Apr 28, 2004.

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  1. What would it take to make a dummy lithium ion battery pack for a
    lap-top computer which is only going to be used in a boat?

    The battery pack would have to appear to be fully charged so that power
    from the boat battery would never be wasted charging it.

    I know nothing about these battery packs - they often appear to have
    more than 2 connections but maybe this is just redundancy or to allow
    accurate voltage measurement even with contact resistance. Anyone here
  2. CampinGazz

    CampinGazz Guest

    Is there any reason for the dummy battery at all???

    i run my laptop without it's battery in my motorhome regulary, the reason
    for doing this is partly the same as yours, to not waste power charging the
    battery, it takes an extra 3 amps if using an inverter and the internal
    battery is being charged,

    so i just remove the battery pack, and i'm pulling under 1.5 amps in normal
    conditions.. this is using an inverter and the laptops psu, as my laptop
    wants 18 volts to run.

    However my laptop will run from 12 volts DC directly with the battery pack
    removed, and as the battery pack died a year ago, and i'm too stingy to pay
    the £150 the maker wants for a new one, so i run the laptop in the motorhome
    all the time straight off 12 volts.

    note not all laptops will run off 12 volts directly, but some do, it's a
    case of suck it and see, it's certianly more power efficiant if it will than
    using an inverter or dc to dc converter to power it.
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