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Liteon VCR/DVD Player/Recorder Odd Problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Brad, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. Brad

    Brad Guest


    I have a "Liteon" brand VCR/DVD recorder/player model LVC-9006 in my shop
    (no SM). When you plug it in, it comes on with the "Hello" message "frozen"
    (doesn't change). You can't turn off the unit (stuck in power on). You can't
    open the DVD drawer. The VCR wasn't used when this happened and there is
    no tape in the VCR. The VCR mechanism is in the proper position for no tape
    present. The customer had a DVD inside (it won't play). I removed the DVD
    assembly, removed the DVD, cleaned the head while I was at it although I knew
    it wasn't the cause of the problem. I didn't put the DVD in the drive when I
    installed it.

    I tried a tape in the VCR. The tape was loaded, but it wouldn't play. I
    couldn't eject it so I did it manually.

    I looked for something visually that might be the cause. I checked
    connections and cables to see they were all secure (properly plugged into
    their connections).

    Did you have this problem with this brand unit?

    Thanks in advance, Brad

    Before you type your password, credit card number, etc.,
    be sure there is no active keystroke logger (spyware) in your PC.

  2. I would at least look for noisy power supply lines - high ESR caps and the
    like. If for example a critical voltage had a high frequency waveform riding
    on it, the unit may not reset properly, or one circuit or other may just see
    a "low" DC voltage.

    Mark Z.
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