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Linksys router wall wart?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by John, Jan 22, 2006.

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  1. John

    John Guest


    I have a Linksys router model BEFVP41 with now power source.

    I need to know the polarity of the power source plug that plugs into
    it. Is the center of the coaxial connector the positive or negative

    I would also be helpful to know the diameter of the plug.


  2. Kevin S.

    Kevin S. Guest

    Are you sure it's a round coaxial-type power source? Most Linksys
    devices I've seen use a little triangular connector with a positive,
    negative and ground pin... I can give you the likely pinouts for that
    if it'll help. I have a BEFSR41 Probably uses the same power supply,
    they're pretty standard.
  3. There are 2 different modems from Linksys designated BEFVP41. Which one
    do you have?

    Version 1 has 3 indicators on each port, Link/Act, Full/Coll, and 100
    for the LAN ports, and Link, Act, and Diag for the WAN port. It uses a 5
    VDC supply. Version 2 has a single indicator LED for each LAN Port and
    WAN Port and uses a 12 VDC supply.
  4. John

    John Guest


    It must be BEFVP41 Version 1, since it does have 3 indicators on each
    of the four ports and also three for the WAN port labeled as decribed
    in your post.


  5. Most of the Linksys 5VDC adapters are about 2.0 amp output and use 2.1mm
    or 2.5mm ID plugs.

    Good luck!
  6. John

    John Guest


    Do you happen to know the polarity of the plug?

    Is the center pin positive or negative?


  7. Sorry, I don't - but my experience is that the center pin is almost
    always positive.
  8. I can confirm that the Version 1 WRT54G routers used a 5.0 VDC, 2A,
    center pin positive power supply. It is likely that this is the same
    supply originally used on your VPN router.

    Good luck!
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