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linear motor -- copley control corp. servotube's high speed motion

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Nov 26, 2006.

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    Hello everyone,
    Is there anyone has ever used the copley control corp. made linear
    Servotube or Thrustube? I am very curious about their high velocity(up
    to 6m/s even 14m/s), with their max travel is only about 1300mm. How
    can they get a so high velocityis such a short distance?
    I mean can they really stop in this distance, when they move in such a
    high speed?

    For example, Servotube 3804:
    Force (peak) (N) 744
    Force (cont.) (N) 137
    Velocity (max.) (m/s) 6.0
    Travel (max.) (mm) 1360
  2. Guest

    They seem to have a standard linear stepping motor forcer. These have
    been around for more than thirty years now, and can produce spectacular
    speed and accelerations, given enough current - in this case the
    currents might melt the forcer if sustained for more than a few
    fractions of a second, though you'd stop the heating befor you heated
    the magenitc path over its Curie point (a rather lower temperature).

    I've got a couple of text-books on the subject back on my desk in
    Nijmegen - a decent university library should offer more.

    I've never got to use one - the one I ordered (for EMI Cental Research)
    from Inland Motor back in 1978 didn't work when immersed in very thin
    oil (which we needed) so they sold it someone else.
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