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linear audio flutters (only in new recordings)

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Linards Ticmanis, Jan 8, 2005.

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  1. Hello and thank you both. It seems Daniel is right: The problem is the
    friction clutch I just "fixed". I think I'll have to replace it
    completely. I wasn't even using LP (we don't have SLP in PAL-land,
    since our SP is already a good bit slower than NTSC-land SP, so our LP
    is your SLP. Our Standard tape length is 240 minutes in SP, and up to
    300 min. is available).

    The fact that the flutter was audible only in new recordings was
    probably since that meant adding the recording flutter to the playback
    flutter, which pushed it over the edge of noticability. However after
    recording a whole tape for testing it got much worse, now the HiFi
    audio started crackling, too, and there is even a bit of picture
    distortion now and then. So I'll order a replacement for the clutch,
    and while I'm at it, also for the back-tensioning mechanism with the
    felt band, since it is also worn and cigarette-smoke-drenched from the
    former owner. The capstan seems OK and luckily this model of VCR uses
    a toothed belt, which also seems fine.

    (Sorry for the unusual quoting style, missing "Re:" and missing
    "References:" line, somehow Google refuses to retrieve the message for
    replying, and I don't have access to a true news server, so I had to
    copy it in by hand.)

    Linards Ticmanis


    sofie () wrote...
    Try some brand new tapes.... maybe try a different brand. Also if
    you are
    recording at the SLP/EP 6hr speed, try changing it to the SP 2hr
    The slower speed at best is problematic with resultant lower quality
    and video and is more susceptible to tape irregularities. Since
    flutter with the linear head is directly related to capstan speed
    there are
    a number of things to look at in addition to the quality of the tapes
    are using.....
    Belt (worn or stretched)
    Idler clutch (grabbing)
    Back-tension (band/mechanism sticking)
    Bad capstan motor (cogging)
    ***and.... of course.... the MOST LIKELY SUSPECT is the mechanism that
    just replaced the felts in..... if they are grabbing or have too much
    tension you can get uneven capstan speed with resultant linear audio
    flutter. Based on your most recent service on this mechanism I would
    that you need to re-check your work..... the problem is probably
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