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line conditioner or UPS?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by John Doe, Jun 7, 2005.

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  1. John Doe

    John Doe Guest

    Which is better for protecting personal computer
    hardware/peripherals, a line conditioner or an uninterruptible power

    Thank you.
  2. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Hello John,
    If it was me, a top notch UPS. "Modern" PCs cannot always survive a
    sudden loss of power without corrupting files or part of the OS. Thank
    God most cars are not (yet) designed that way.

    Regards, Joerg
  3. John Doe

    John Doe Guest

    In the home-built PC group, they regularly have users crying about
    losing data when their hard disk drive fails and they do not have
    backups. I do backups frequently and my stuff is not critical.

    I am concerned about hardware.

    Doing some research, someone said that their line conditioner
    wastes lots of energy (quiescent current or whatever it is
    called), something like 140 watts?

    Does that sound high?

    The APC Model LE1200 line conditioner specifications say it is
    greater than 93% efficient. How much energy, how many wants, does
    the unit itself use?

    Does a line conditioner convert to DC and then back to AC?

    Thank you.

    By the way, anybody know what is the deal with laser printers and
    their (possible) ability to destroy power equipment by sucking so
    much current? Bad laser printers? Just curious.
  4. Jon

    Jon Guest

    Regarding efficiency: I use a Sola 1000VA regulator. It is a constant
    voltage transformer. I don't know what the efficiency is , but it
    makes an excellent foot warmer, even under no-load conditions. One
    advantage of this type regulator is high reliability. It uses nothing
    but passive components (a saturating transformer and a capacitor, no
    active components). It handles "brownout" voltages down to 70V, and
    surges of greater than 200V). Of course it can't help in case of a
  5. John Doe

    John Doe Guest

    I have been using the APC LE1200 for a few days. It is connected
    to my personal computer, two monitors, and a DSL modem. It barely
    gets warm. I guess that means it is not consuming a lot of
    electricity. I will open it up later to take a look at the
    components and workmanship.
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