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Limit switch to control motor...

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Norman Pirollo, Nov 17, 2004.

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  1. Need some advice..

    I am designing a small feed system for lumber grading.
    This feed system is part of a lumber grading system.

    There is a motor drive feeding the individual boards along a
    horizontal surface using rubber wheels or rollers.
    The feed motor is started manually with a magnetic switch.

    At a certain point the piece of lumber should activate a limit or
    proximity switch indicating the lumber is correclty against the
    horizontal surface of the grading component ( very important to
    correctly grade)

    If the board rises above the surface , even as little as 1/3 in., the
    limit or proximity switch should shut the feed motor down using the
    same magnetic switch used to start it..(severly warped board, etc..)

    I wish to use one limit/proximity switch to do this.
    The difficult part is that the switch is normally open while the board
    is being fed through, then becomes closed, then open if there is a

    The open switch then needs to shut the feed motor down...

    I have been looking at metal roller ball type switches, preferably
    dust-proof and rugged.

    How to perform this trickery?

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