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Like CA3130 but 4.5V

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Claus Jensen, Sep 15, 2005.

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  1. Claus Jensen

    Claus Jensen Guest

    I am looking for an op amp with similar specs to the CA3130 but usable
    down to at least 4.5V.

    It is being used as a voltage follower for a filtered PWM signal from
    a PIC.

    Can anyone please offer a suggestion? Or has anyone used the CA3130
    successfully at 4.5V? It is rated at 5Vs min.

  2. Mmm.... I don't know what's so special about the CA3130 as a follower for a
    filtered PWM, but I recently used a TLV 2371 from TI which does the job
    perfectly. It works down to 2.7V and is available from stock at Farnell.

  3. I am not sure what you mean by, "with similar specs to the CA3130".

    I think the key words you need to look for are "rail to rail". This
    means that either input or output or both operate all the way to the
    supply rails. There are many low voltage opamps of this type
    available, now.

    There are also many low voltage "single supply" types that operate all
    the way to the negative supply rail, but still don't work when signals
    are within about a volt and a half from the positive supply rail.

    I suspect that a rail to rail type would be best for tour application.
    I don't know the frequencys involved, so here are a selection of low
    to higher frequency types. These are duals, so they are not pin
    compatible with the CA3130.

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