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Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Flava, Jan 8, 2005.

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  1. Flava

    Flava Guest

    If ive got two small lights, both 1.5v each, does that mean i need 3v to
    power them both? Are there different ways I can hook them up if i have more
  2. If by "lights" you mean incandescent lamps, you can connect them in
    parallel to a 1.5 volt source (like a D cell). In this mode, there is
    no particular reason that all lamps must pass similar currents, only
    that they all require the same voltage.

    If they all use the same amount of current they can also be
    connected in a series string and the string connected across a voltage
    supply that is 1.5 volts times the number of lamps. In this mode,
    there is no particular need for them to each require the same
    voltage. E.g. 4 1.5 volt lamps in series would need a 6 volt supply
    but would operate correctly only if they were all designed to operate
    at the same current.

    The rule is that voltages in series add (in this case, the voltage
    drops of each of the lamps). Currents in parallel add, so connecting
    the lamps in parallel does not change the voltage requirement, but the
    current the supply must provide is the sum of each of the lamp
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