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Lightning setting off electronic toys

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Proprclr, Aug 19, 2004.

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  1. Proprclr

    Proprclr Guest

    We are having some pretty severe thunderstorms coming thru Florida

    Hmmm... As for the technical reason why this happened, either

    A: The bear has a "soft" power on controlled by a chip, and some
    of the gates inside the chip got tripped and stuck somehow
    (the bear's computer chip crashed :)

    B: There was enough current induced in the contacts that they actualy welded
    together, and thus the bear wouldn't stop talking.
  2. Steven

    Steven Guest

    Proprclr schreef:
    If there was enough current induced to *weld* contacts together,
    wouldn't the wires on and to the chip be affected too?
    And probably more dramatic since they are *much* thinner..

    Groetjes, Steven
  3. Proprclr

    Proprclr Guest

    Lightning can do very strange things. I've heard of a case where a
    nearby lightning strike welded the power switch in a stereo in the
    "on" state, but the stereo kept working (that's how the owner found
    out what happened :)
  4. Proprclr

    Proprclr Guest

    A: The bear has a "soft" power on
    I'm assuming here that the switch in it's paw actualy just activates a
    "gate" inside of a chip in the bear that does the actual switching.
    There is also an electronic timer in the bear
    that "knows" just how long to keep the bear turned on in order for it to
    say it's phrase, and power off when done. (or this could simply be done
    with a flag at the end of the digtal voice sample, which tells the bear
    to shut off, though I think they used a simple timer here).

    If you press the paw, and hold it, but it normaly says "I love you mommy"
    only once when you do this, then it's defently was malfunction in the chip
    that caused the bear to do what it did. It probaly triggered the gate that
    turnes the power on, and screwed up the timer, so that's why it malfunctioned
    the way it did.

    (this brings up an interesting question: Does the playback firmware have
    a counter which icrements the data pointer/address to the voice sample
    during playback, that rolls over back to $0000 when done :)
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