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Lighting Design

Discussion in 'LEDs and Optoelectronics' started by Rainbow Clouds, Jan 19, 2015.

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  1. Rainbow Clouds

    Rainbow Clouds

    Jan 19, 2015
    Hi all,

    I have no background in EE however i'm facing some problems with a lighting design and would like to seek your professional advice on selecting LEDs & driver.


    Lighting Design - Decorative Lighting (LED) - not particular about lumen output however estimate will be 300lm-900lm. (because it is a decorative lighting, it is not as important as it is more to aesthetic & ambient lighting design.)

    LED - COB i'm trying to select COB as it would be easier for me not dealing with PCB boards however i'm open to your opinions and advice about this.

    COB options preselection

    COB that i have done pre-selection : CREE CXA 1304, LUXEON 1202, LUXEON 1202s for this project, i did this selection based on the few criteria of the sizes and lm output, however i'm not too certain of the applicable differences here and i can hardly understand the datasheet comprehensively.


    My country AC: 240V
    So i assume that i might need to convert a 240V using a driver / ic driver to perhaps 9V (if based on CREE CXA1304), however (i'm not certain with LUXEON 1202, 1202s because i don't have basic to understand the datasheets because it is not directly stated)

    I would like to learn the differences between selecting a driver vs a IC driver. I'm not sure when should i use which.
    How should i pair the drivers with the LEDs.

    Lighting Design

    If you need the lighting specs that i'm aiming for, it's pretty hard for me to say what i wanted if you ask how many volts or watts you want to achieve, however the only way to answer this with my limited knowledge in EE is this is definitely not a high power LED project, however need to achieve quality light source, if the DC can fit the normal standards where it is convenient to use by anyone etc 12 V? I'm not sure if i'm saying the right things either.

    Hope to get some help and advice.
    Please find attached Datasheet links.

    Thank you in advance. :)
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