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Light organ schematic?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Oct 20, 2003.

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  1. Guest

    Does anyone have instructions for building a "light organ" ?
    I want to drive a floodlight with a thunder sound, either line level
    or speaker level.

    I know I can order it in kit form, but I'm worried I won't get it in
    time for Halloween.
  2. Baphomet

    Baphomet Guest

    I don't think you'll be able to get the parts in time for Halloween either
    but here it is:

    You can simplify the heck out of the circuit to do what you want. Meanwhile,
    I'll try to find another one.
  3. Baphomet

    Baphomet Guest

    A much better schematic for your purposes. You can eliminate two of the
    light drivers. Just make sure that the SCR you choose will handle your
    floodlight. Your local Radio Shack should have the parts.
  4. You`ll probably need to use a C106 Thyristor (SCR) with this circuit as it
    needs a sensitive gate type to trigger.Still standard Rat Shak part guess.

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