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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by James Cronin, Feb 20, 2004.

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  1. James Cronin

    James Cronin Guest

    Announcement of Upcoming Release of Light Designer V1.0

    I am please to announce the upcoming release of Light Designer V1.0

    Light Designer is a fully functional Lighting control program for Windows 95
    and above. It is designed to interface to a number of DMX lighting
    controllers allowing PC based access to the controller.
    Supported Controllers include at present:-

    Martin 2518 DMX Controller

    Other will be supported if required, and coms protocol can be supplied.

    At present there are a number of prebuild templates for lighting fixtures

    6 Chan dimmer
    Martin Roboscan Pro518
    Martin Roboscan 1004
    Martin Acrobat
    Martin Destroyer
    Clay Paky Goldenscan HPE
    Clay Paky Miniscan HPE
    Clay Paky Tornado
    Futurelight MH-660

    Other can be build if requested and fixture data is sent to the authors.
    Future versions will include a fixture template designer.

    ore information will soon be available on (currently
    not available due to a wide scale power outage in the Leicester area of the
    UK or by email to or (currently

    Evaluation versions without the ability to connect to controllers will soon
    be available for download from the above address, with full commercial
    release being planed for the middle of the year.

    The system is currently being used, at Barts and The London Students
    Association, London(please don't contact this address for any information).

    Many Thanks

    James Cronin (sole author and copyright holder of Light Designer)
  2. James Cronin

    James Cronin Guest

    To anybody affended by this, I apologise, and was not intending it as an ad,
    and opensource version will also be avalible.

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