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Li-Ion Battery replacement

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Siddhartha Jain, Apr 11, 2005.

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  1. Hi,

    I have one of these Vosonic VP300 Mp3-cum-card reader HDD based device.
    It uses a very slim 7.2v Li-Ion battery.

    I am wondering if some other battery can be used to replace the OEM
    ones. The replacement battery has to be the same dimensions because the
    battery fits in the back between the device and the HDD mount so the
    space available for the battery is fixed. I am looking at a replacement
    (probably some cell phone battery) because the OEM batteries aren't
    locally available in India.


  2. Probably not.This battery looks very long, too long to fit into a cell
    phone, and has a cable with a plugh, which was *never* a way to connect
    batteries to cell phones.Isn't it possible to order the OEM one for your
  3. PeteS

    PeteS Guest

    The battery is specified as two Li+ (actually probably Li-Polymer from
    that set of dimensions) 720mAH batteries. They are wired in series
    (nominal Li+ terminal voltage is 3.7V).

    You might want to use that as a guide to see if anyone carries such a
    device near you.


  4. Make sure your problem is the battery and not the charger circuit
    built into the box. Mine turned out the be the charge circuit, so I
    just yanked the battery and have to run it on the AC wall-wart.
  5. Dear Siddharta,

    As Pete already pointed out, these are LiPoly accus.
    Since model airplane pilots like these accu cells, it would be
    easiest to find a store or online shop which carries this
    kind of stuff.
    You will get single cells, so you need 2.
    These are sometimes labeled as "Kokams". Bring your old pack
    to check the dimensions.

  6. The Li-Ion battery anyways doesn't last much. So this might help you:

    - Siddhartha
  7. I will have to get them from Australia. One battery costs US$27, which
    is ok, but the shipping is $24!! So thats my last option.

    - Siddhartha
  8. Ron Hunter

    Ron Hunter Guest

    It might reduce your per unit cost if you order more than one, which
    probably won't increase the shipping cost.
  9. Yes, and the battery charge circuit doesn't always last much either.
    Do you have a short battery life or _no_ battery life?
  10. I think its the battery because initially I used to get half an hour of
    play before it would conk off. Now it simply doesn't start on the
    battery. And if you suggest that the charging circuit isn't very
    reliable then I guess the best option is to build that external battery


  11. That would be the "no battery life" answer. Get a DVM and check to
    see if the charge circuit is even trying to charge the battery...
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