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LF: Schematic for HP inkjet printer cartridges

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Kirk, Apr 15, 2004.

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  1. Kirk

    Kirk Guest

    Yes that's right, HP inkjet printer cartridges. Need to know what the
    circuits are on the cartridge from the contacts to the print head. Tried to
    meter this out and it's not making much sense of the readings using an ohm

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  2. Kirk

    Kirk Guest

    Need just about any known cartridge that is still in use. Any one or all of
    these if anyone can. HP will not give out this information because they don
    not want anyone remanufacturing used cartridges.

  3. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    remanufacturing used cartridges
    1) If anyone wanted to answer your question,
    he would have the 1st time you posted it.

    2) It's obvious you don't have enough ability to do this anyway.

    Why don't you go play in traffic?
  4. Mantra

    Mantra Guest


    Trying to figure out inkjet cartridges with a DMM is sort of like
    using a DMM to figure out the design of your 2004 model-year car's
    electrical system by poking around on the ICS2 or CAN bus jacks. The
    signals going into the cartridge are not analog or even simple digital
    lines; they are a fairly involved digital, network-like protocol
    providing communication between the printer and the computer/drivers.

    Every HP inkjet cartridges has a custom IC to 1) control extremely
    fine printing pitches, and 2) to prevent re-use and reverse
    engineering. My understanding is that ink and toner vendors are even
    starting to using timers, flow monitoring, level monitoring and cryto
    to prevent "non-conformant" use.

    If you had a logic analyzer you *might* begin to have a hope of
    figuring it out, but that's until they throw cryto and DMCA at you.
  5. ~^Johnny^~

    ~^Johnny^~ Guest

    How much do you want to wager?

    wide-open at throttle dot info

    Maybe I should ask Radio Shack. They claim they've got answers;
    but frankly, if Radio Shack were our provider, we'd _really_ be in
    trouble now, wouldn't we?
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