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LF LCD 320 x 240

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Michel, Mar 16, 2006.

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  1. Michel

    Michel Guest

    Hello !

    I'm looking for a 320 x 240 lcd panel, dim 167 x 105 with controller.
    The type of backlight does'nt matter.
    The most important : it has to be readable in outdoor... It seems me
    that a simple LCD should be enough, but a transflective should be
    olsow OK.

    Can you help ? Hours on Google gived some references, but VERY
    difficult to buy : only for professionals (I'm not), or only for USA
    (i'm in Europa), or only for 100 pieces -:)

    Thanks to give a reference of a seller for 1 piec in Europa...

  2. Hello !
    Not sure if this helps but:
    Look at this site
    Find cat# lcd-103 , it is a 600 x 400 lcd mudule made for military use.
    price $7.75

    They have others cheap also. hope it helps you out.. jim
  3. Michel

    Michel Guest

    Much Thanks !
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