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LF 12 volt LCD monitor 15 to 17 inch

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by PR, May 11, 2007.

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  1. PR

    PR Guest

    Would anyone happen to know of a supplier of 12 volt LCD's hopefully in
    Canada? Don't need marine spec as such just 12 volt.

  2. Hanz

    Hanz Guest

    I would go to a computer/best buy and look at the monitor. The 12v ones
    have an external 'brick'. If it has output of 12v and the monitor looks
    'good' buy it.

    BUT. I won't run it off the house battery. They have voltage anywhere
    from 10v to 14.5v. I've been running monitor/tv and computer off my
    house battery BUT I have a 12v-12v converter. Look at

    It can run from 6v to 24v. I put them into a box and run a line with the
    plug into the monitor/tv.

    The tv I got from Walmart and the monitors I got from BestBuy.

    Hope this helps.

  3. PR

    PR Guest

    Thank you for that advice Hanz - it seems to be a good idea. I'm actually
    sourcing for a marine customer so I'll offer them that solution. Boats
    definitely would have an unstable DC supply.

  4. Hanz

    Hanz Guest

    Be carefull of RFI from AC-DC inverter.


  5. Al Thomason

    Al Thomason Guest

    Surplus HP F1064A DC-DC converts. They were designed for their 12v
    Lap Tops to run off of car "12v" so have a wide range of input
    voltages supported. They supply I think around 50 watts.

    Shows up on Ebay every once and a while for under $10

  6. I use a small DC stabiliser from a UK company called Amperor. It works very
    well indeed.

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