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Let's get holographic

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by HoloJustin, May 30, 2013.

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  1. HoloJustin


    May 30, 2013
    Hi all!

    I am Justin. I am an amateur holographer working out of my crummy apartment in Florida. I began teaching myself to make holograms several years ago after a car wreck left me essentially house-bound. Why is this of import? It may help to explain why I'm reaching out at this point.

    I am joining this forum for one reason: I need to hire someone to modify a DLP system for me. An operational DMD will be the beating heart of the digital hologram camera nearly constructed in my bedroom/laser lab. Some time ago I hacked a Pico projector and had the bare DMD successfully imaging with my laser system, but dead pixels soon plagued the operation - possibly due to lack of adequate heat-sinking or maybe just plain misfortune. Whatever the reason the Pico died, it's irrelevant - the laser image from the tiny Pico DMD was low-definition and not worth the effort/expense.

    A second attempt involved having an associate modify a Casio DLP projector to suit my needs. This second effort brought me much closer to my desired results - my friend managed to spoof the much-larger DMD into operating without the LEDs, lasers and color wheel attached. Were it not for the strange design of the boards, this would have worked fine. The DMD was at a right angle to the much larger main board and I was unable to gather and focus the laser light reflected from the DLP chip due to constraints on the space.

    Basically I'm hoping to get something as close as possible to one of the DLP developer kits, but without paying $13,000. That's right 13 grand. Obscene.

    My next idea is to use the guts from a DLP projection TV. I have one in mind from Surplus Shed that appears to have the DMD located in a friendly spot. If the DMD could be fooled into operating without anything attached but a power supply and a DVI input from my computer, then life would be peachy. The DMD needs only to display high-definition grayscale imagery sent via HDMI/DVI from my PC.

    I don't have anything even approaching the technical know-how to do this myself.

    I would like to hire someone to make these mods for me. As I've mentioned, I'm just a hobbyist struggling in my home. Resources may be limited, but enthusiasm is not. I'm willing to pay an interested party $200-$300 to get an HD DMD operating on my laser table. You'll also become the recipient of a first-run digital hologram to call your own:D

    Please contact me for more details, or if this job interests you.

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