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lens swapping advice needed please

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by baglady, Jan 7, 2005.

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  1. baglady

    baglady Guest

    I am a woman (yes I know...please don't sigh) and I have a Logitech webcam
    zoom. It has broken internally (?) I have replaced it with a more basic
    model (also Logitech) but the focus is not as clear/sharp as the one which
    is now broken.
    Would it be a simple
    case of me taking the broken webcam apart and swapping the lenses over? How
    do I do
    it? (in simple terms please) Please don't suggest it isn't worth it-I'd like
    to try out of interest.
  2. Anthony

    Anthony Guest

    Most Logitech cameras have an adjustable focus lens, although it is not
    noted anywhere on the camera. Open the camera software and as you watch
    the live picture, rotate the lens one way...or the other.


    You can't 'idiot proof' anything....every time you try, they just make
    better idiots.

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