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LEGO type housing

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by eeh, May 9, 2005.

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  1. eeh

    eeh Guest


    Often doing prototype casings are nightmares for many electronic
    hobbyists with limited resource. We can design, draw and make a
    soplicated electronic PCB but not a good-looking housing. Often we do
    not have tools such as milling machines in home to open rectangular

    And I have an idea about prototype house making: Is there a thing in
    the world which is like LEGO toy but pinpoints on prototype making so
    that we can make the casing just by stacking fundamentary elements?

  2. There is a near infinite number of possibilities for the hobbyist.

    You can solder scrap circuit board together, and make little boxes.

    You can put things in tin cans that food originally comes with, indeed
    I once tried some seitan that came a in a tiny can and while I wasn't
    that happy with the food item, I bought some more for the cans.

    Decades ago, someone at school was more interested in the finished product
    than the electronics. So he'd buy kits, and then put his effort into
    making nice wooden boxes for them. For some people, wood is something
    they can work with easily.

    Get a metal brake, and bend sheet metal for your boxes.

    Electronic equipment that's tossed out can often provide interesting
    boxes. Either the whole thing (such as an old stereo receiver with
    the guts taken out and a new front panel, again circuit board
    can be that panel), or inside where there may be small tin boxes
    for shielding sections.

    At least in North America, you can get metal utility boxes
    that have two halves in the shape of a "u". I've cut those
    down when a standard size has been too big.

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