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Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Michael C, May 17, 2005.

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  1. Michael C

    Michael C Guest

    I want to use some 10mm LEDs in the taillights of my car but the ones I've
    got are very bright from straight on but no so bright from an angle. Is it
    possible to get some that disperse the light more effectively. The onces I
    have claim an angle of 20 degrees.

  2. Caliban

    Caliban Guest

    That's probably +/- 10° on axis. Most high brightness ones are around
    this value. You can get wide angle (110° versions?) but probably not
    locally and not in small quantities. It might be worthwhile checking the
    Farnell and RS catalogues (both are online).

    Best solution is to use a diffuser, like a piece of the knobbly plastic
    used in ceiling panels in front of fluoro tubes, if your break lights
    are not made like this already.

    Alternatively you may have to mount some of the LEDs at an angle.
  3. Michael C

    Michael C Guest

    I had a look there and also at and couldn't find anything that
    suited. There were some with a 40 degree viewing angle which is a little
    I've had some success sanding the surface of the LEDs, in fact it has been a
    huge improvement but it's a bit patchy in it's appearance. Maybe I could dip
    them in a solvent that would disolve the surface slightly?

  4. Mark H

    Mark H Guest

    I've had some success sanding the surface of the LEDs, in fact it has been
    I would suggest heat, perhaps a good (say 80w) soldering iron?
    Chopping the top off in a prismatic fashion should get good results in

    Course, you still want some pointing directly behind you to warn the bloke
    who's right there, perhaps a combination of filament bulb for side view and
    LED for instant warning?

  5. Andrew M

    Andrew M Guest

    <warning - will robinson - top posting>

    And why not just put another damn bulb in.
    It's been designed to meet many safety standards and is cheaper than a LED.

    I don't see what you'll achieve other than an insurance cancellation and the loss of
    useful drinking time.

    -Andrew M
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