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LED Torch

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Ian Sutherland, Jul 22, 2003.

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  1. Hi folks, Just looking for idea's, I'm sick of paying $13:00 or so for
    a decent lantern battery. Wondering what other people think. Could buy
    a rechargeable battery or pack but would expect lamp curent to be
    high. (Haven't measured it, but would expect 1/2 amp or more) Thinking
    along the lines of high intensity white led's & perhaps Ni/Mh cells.
    Can't find the leds in Tricky Dickie's catalogue (hard copy) (will
    check on-line in a few minutes).

    All sensible comment's greatly appreciated.

    Cheer's, Ian Sutherland.
  2. D-cell to 6V lanton convertor, then get some 4 amp/hour D-cells all from
  3. Mainlander

    Mainlander Guest

    I would like to see some white LEDs used in big torches, most of the ones
    produced to date are only small pocket or head type torches.

    There are quite a few rechargeable bulb torhes from the likes of Jaycar.
    Eveready now have a rechargeable Dolphin as well.

    And then there is the battery holder you can get some places that
    replaces a lantern battery with four Ds.
  4. Mainlander

    Mainlander Guest

    Is that the electronic one that works off any voltage? The LEDs are not
    that expensive.
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