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LED sound meter

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by m.fecho, Sep 13, 2005.

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  1. m.fecho

    m.fecho Guest


    I am a musician and I am trying to build a sound meter with a large LED
    readout. I will try
    not to be long winded on describing this one.

    I would like a simple LED about a foot long, tri color Red green blue. with the
    unit acting as a
    sound meter light as you would find on your stereo or a mixing console , only a
    larger version
    that would be easily seen across a large room.

    I have seen such a light at this website
    I don't know if this light completely lights or chases up from one end.

    I would like to have the light to have its own sound controler and power
    supply, batteries
    preferably but plug in would work.

    this unit could be callibrated to a sound meter or could have an integrated
    sound meter , working
    levels of the unit would be about 70 db to 105 db.

    TI am a musician in a small band without a dedicated sound tech and throughout
    the night as we
    are performing our volume may increase , I am thinking that the above unit
    would help us keep
    this in check and be able to monitor our sound level throughout the night, we
    usually do a sound
    check before the performance.

    If anyone has seen such a unit or know of a LED unit with the soundcontroler
    please let me know.

    I have seen a DJ with a LED unit complete with sound controler, I looked for a
    model number on it
    but all I could find was He bought it about 2 years ago
    and I cannot find
    the integrated unit on their website .

    If anyone is interested in taking a stab at building a unit such as this please
    let me know.

    Thanks for any help

    M Fecho
  2. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Well, figuring out what you want would be the logical first step here.
    Are you looking for essentially an illuminated VU meter, kind of like a
    "gas gauge" for your volume? Or are you looking for something like a
    color organ?

    A bar graph display is almost trivial, to a competent tech, but since
    we know nothing about your electronic/soldering skills, it's hard to
    make a recommdation. One thing that springs to mind is the LM3914/15/16
    which will give you the gas-gauge effect; what you'd have to do is
    add some drivers for your bigger display.

    Good Luck!
  3. m.fecho

    m.fecho Guest

    Good example as you put it is the gas gauge effect for volume. we would like to be able to see
    how are volume is progressing through the night, we know the volume will increase even if we do
    not touch a volume knob , this is done because of song selection, slower mellower songs in the
    first part of the evening and building up to more uptempo songs where the performers are
    exerting themselves more during the later part of the evening. thus I would like to use this
    gas gauge type meter to see if it is even worth turning volume knobs down if needed.

    I have done a little soldering but honestly I would have to say I am not very competent in the
    soldering dept.

    looking at the PDF on the unit you suggested it looks well over my head.

    If it is a small project I would be interested in hireing someone to build this unit for me.

  4. tom

    tom Guest

    if you produce electronic boxes y may need gas springs for the doors.

    there is a supplier:

    he is in germany but supplies world wide

  5. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Your best bet in that case would probably to look and see if you have a
    ham radio club in your area,"ham+radio+club"
    Or ask around at the repair departments of local stores that carry
    electronics and stuff.

    If I had a properly equipped shop, and you were just down the street, I
    could do it for just a few hundred bucks, plus parts; but since I don't,
    and you aren't, I'd say, just keep asking around. Sorry. )-;

    Good Luck!
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