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LED Question

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Jim Slade, Oct 24, 2005.

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  1. Jim Slade

    Jim Slade Guest

    What's the difference between "max continuous current" and "rated current"?

    I have leds with 30MA for the former and 10MA for the latter.

    I'd like to be as bright as possible without burning out the LED. Can I do
    that safely at 30MA or 10MA?
  2. Exceeding max continuous current may result in a damaged device.
    Operating just under max operating current will not destroy the device
    but operates it at very high internal temperature that accelerates all
    aging and wear out mechanisms, including decay of light output.

    Rated current is the recommended operating point, with lots of
    forgiveness for normal tolerances and a long, predictable operating life.
  3. w2aew

    w2aew Guest

    In addition to John's response - the "rated current" is usually the
    current at which the other specifications apply (such as optical power,
    forward voltage, etc.).
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