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LED life

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by W.G.D., Dec 21, 2006.

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  1. W.G.D.

    W.G.D. Guest

    Referring to my Underfloor lighting post below, another thought is a "flood"
    of closely-packed LEDs behind a diffusor.

    Can LEDs be thought to have a (forever) lifespan?
    What causes an LED to "burn out"?
    Can a lower than the LED's spec firing voltage increase life? I admit that
    I do not know when an LED starts emitting light. Is it a step function?
    i.e. lights up at a specific voltage, thus is not dimmable??

    Some guidance/pointers appreciated.

  2. Will be very inefficient compared to a discharge light
    sources UNLESS you can match the color of the LEDs to the
    transmission wavelength of the tile.
    No. That is hype.
    They usually don't burn out in the normal sense, they just
    have reduced light output over time. Deprecation rates
    depend upon the type of LED, the operating current and the
    LEDs do not have a "firing voltage." You can increase life
    by reducing the operating current, but that will also reduce
    light output.
    You should look at some good LED data sheets. Perhaps some
    from Lumileds. They show light output and forward voltage as
    a function of operating current. From a practical point of
    view there is no minimum current for generating light,
    though there is a minimum voltage required to have current

    LEDs are easily dimmed by varying the current. Unlike
    discharge lamps, you can run them from a voltage source, but
    they will be much easier to control if run from a current
    source or at least with a current limiting resistor in
    series with a voltage source.

    Vic Roberts
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  3. W.G.D.

    W.G.D. Guest


    That is another problem: thickness of onyx tiles to support us humans. A
    grid like a computer floor may do it.

    Thank You for your other comments.

  4. LEDNeonFlex

    LEDNeonFlex Guest

    I have seen onyx tiles with LED's built into them, a manufacture we deal
    with makes them. Let me know if you would like more information.

    Best Regards,


    PS.. I'm new to this group, just found it tonight and happy to take
    part. Not many active news groups that's aren't full of spam now. Cheers.
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