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LED Interfered With IR Remotes???

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Leftie, Jun 15, 2011.

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  1. Leftie

    Leftie Guest

    I've been using a 7 watt LED bulb, sold through Boston Robotics, for
    about a month in our TV room lamp. It's worked fine with the slide type
    dimmer. Today thought, there was a bizarre occurrence. All of the
    universal remotes stopped working properly with the TV and one of the
    video recorders (not the same brand as the TV). Some functions wouldn't
    work at all, others were sluggish, and some of the TV functions started
    to turn on and send commands to the Panasonic HDD recorder. I was
    utterly baffled, as a couple of the remotes hadn't even been used that
    day until I tested them to see if it was a bad remote. My housemate
    wondered if it was radio interference, and I explained that no, the
    remotes all use infrared light. Then I looked at the lamp, which is
    usually on when we are in the room because the room is dim. I turned the
    lamp off, and... all of the remotes started working perfectly again.

    The original remotes for the TV and video recorder had never stopped
    functioning. My best guess is that the LED started to put out IR in a
    band close enough to the remotes that it 'confused' the IR receivers in
    the two units that stopped responding properly to the universal remotes.
    Has anyone ever seen this before? Needless to say, there is now once
    again an incandescent bulb in that lamp...
  2. Leftie

    Leftie Guest

    No, I'm afraid not. Thanks for the reply, though - it's nice to know
    I had the right idea! I did notice that the base (heat sink) of the bulb
    was hotter than I expected when I removed it. Much hotter than you'd
    expect from a 7 watt input. Maybe the dimmer was causing it to emit IR
    is the 'right' frequency range...?
  3. A 7-watt incandescent radiates a majority of its power input. A 7-watt
    LED bulb almost certainly does not.
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