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LED Christmas lights wirring

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by B Ghostrider, Nov 27, 2004.

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  1. B Ghostrider

    B Ghostrider Guest

    How are the LEDS wired . In Paarrel o in series. the reason I ask is
    becaues I was wondering if I were to cut a few off the end would it
    cause some grief(a blown fuse in the fuse box) or would the remaining
    leds be a little brighter.
  2. BretCahill

    BretCahill Guest

    Don't blue and LEDs require 4.5 volts while red
    and green require 3 v?

    Bret Cahill
  3. Richard

    Richard Guest

    I've got a small battery operated set that is wired in parallel. It
    uses 2 AA or a 3 V wall wart (not included). I got it at Walgreens
    last year to trim my daughters dollhouse xmas tree. It has green,
    yellow and red LEDs and using a crude bench supply I get it to fire as
    low as 1.7 V (barely) bright at 3V brighter at 4.2 V brightest at 5.5

    I have no specs on these so I can't guarantee how long they'll last at
    I've heard some of these are wired series and AC so just converting to
    DC would make them brighter. I'd just take one and play with it to see
    how bright you can get it.

    I have played with some of these low voltage LEDs from China that
    wouldn't take more than 2.5 V. Weird but I blew 3 of them before I
    figured it out.

  4. They are in series, although longer strings may have series subsets
    connected in parallel with each other.

    I would not modify them. I have seen one model of the "Forever Bright"
    brand (last year) that had especially severe flicker even for that brand,
    and only a small percentage of each AC cycle had instantaneous voltage
    exceeding the voltage drop of the LEDs. The current would increase
    greatly if just a few LEDs were replaced by a short.

    - Don Klipstein ()
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