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Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by dsaint, Jun 10, 2005.

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  1. dsaint

    dsaint Guest

    i am a newbie and i want to learn electronics i dnt have time to go to a
    technical college beacuse I am currently studying at the university of
    malta and i am studying communications and media studies but i wish to
    learn electronics any help i would like to find a sort of self paced guide
    which goes beyond basics i would like to venture this hobby and be able to
    be conversant with design and servicing regards

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    Looks promising, promises. I haven't exhausted this resource
    at all..also... is your friend. :)

  3. dsaint

    dsaint Guest

    Regards for your help I found thoose sites very useful and yea
    is really a good pal whilst studying but I wonder if you can go beyond the
    really basic electronics are there any resources, books, tutorials

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  4. --------------
    I am finally able to say that if you search the web religiously and
    read all tutorials, that it now has all the required info to learn
    a degreed level of competence at basic electronic design.

    For example, go to , as they are now in the process of putting
    ALL their engineering courses online for FREE, GRATIS, KOSTENLOS!!

    And hit Sam Goldwasser and Tomi Engdahl and others they reference
    and Google for the rest.

  5. But they are not easy to find, especially not for a beginner.

    What is needed are web sites which guide the beginner, and anybody who
    wants to learn. That helps him/her to find the knowledge in an order
    which simplifies understanding and learning.

    It could be like a list of links and lessons to read, to see on video,
    a list of knowledge needed and where to find the best free alternatives
    for each part of knowledge.

    As new alternatives show up, and the ways to explain are refined this
    school of electronics has to revise the links and add new stuff.

    There can be many competing web sites which refer to the material on
    the web in different ways, organising the material in different ways.
    The users will vote with their feet, so to speak, for the best

    In the newsgroup for freeware the participators are cooperating to
    produce a yearly guide over freeware.
    It is presented on the web at and it
    can be dowloaded in the form of an ISO file and burnt to CD. Or you can
    ask one of our volunteers worldwide to burn a copy and send to you via

    What does this have to do with...?

    Well, the participators of sed and seb have better competence that most
    people in judging the pedagogic and technical content of web pages
    about electronics. We could do something similar to what they do in the
    freeware newsgroup.

    We could cooperate to collect good links and organize them in a good
  6. PeteS

    PeteS Guest

    We could cooperate to collect good links and organize them in a good
    What a nice idea - maybe a thread needs to be started on that very

    One amusing (and sad in a way) thing I see on the various
    sci.electronics.x boards are design questions from those with zero (or
    close to it) knowledge of the foundation subjects. That does not deny
    that the purpose of s.e.b. is for precisely that audience, of course,
    nor do I deny that a well-formed answer can lead someone toward some
    real knowledge. I am referring here to the posts one occasionally sees
    looking for an answer to a problem, the possible solution to which is
    almost impossible to impart without a decent knowledge of the
    foundation subjects.

    If there were a thread on 'knowledge resources', at least they could be
    pointed out for such posts :)

    Those subjects *do* take time to master, but I really don't think one
    can design effectively without mastery of them.


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