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Leaky zener diodes

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Gordon W, Sep 2, 2004.

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  1. Gordon W

    Gordon W Guest

    I've seen references in newsgroups to zener diodes that become leaky. Could
    someone explain this for me please.

    Gordon W
  2. CFoley1064

    CFoley1064 Guest

    Subject: Leaky zener diodes
    A zener diode has a specified Vz (zener voltage) at a specified Iz (zener
    current). Let's take a 1N4740A, which is guaranteed to have a Vz between 9.5V
    and 10.5V if you apply 25mA across it.

    It's also guaranteed that if you put only 7V across it, the current going
    through the diode will be less than 10uA. This is called leakage current. A
    leaky zener is one that has been damaged such that the reverse leakage current
    at voltages below the zener test voltage is a lot higher than normal. It
    frequently happens through momentary current surges that exceed what the xener
    is capable of absorbing, which damages the diode.

    Good luck
  3. Gordon W

    Gordon W Guest

    Thanks Chris

    Much appreciated

    Gordon W
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