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lead free solder

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Ian Bell, Dec 22, 2003.

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  1. Ian Bell

    Ian Bell Guest

    In Europe from 2006 it is apparently going to be illegal to sell lead/tin
    solder or any product which contains it. What are hobbyists going to use

  2. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Guest

    Vinegar and brown paper?
  3. Ian Bell

    Ian Bell Guest

    Best change your name to Jack?

  4. Mjolinor

    Mjolinor Guest

    Personally I am going to use this stash (of Pb Sn) that has been building
    for just such a rainy day :)
  5. Ross Mac

    Ross Mac Guest

    I know most of the PCB manufacturers in the US switched to tin plate a
    couple of years ago.....Don't know if that helps or not...
  6. CWatters

    CWatters Guest

    They will probably use something similar to the "lead free solder" that
    plumbers have been using for years to solder drinking water pipes. Available
    from all good DIY merchants.
  7. Myron Samila

    Myron Samila Guest

    We already have that here (Canada). We even have low lead content.

    Its no big deal really, except the working temps are a lot higher, you would need to have
    a iron that you can regulate the temp. Only problem is if you solder with ICs that can't
    take the heat.

    I'm sure that all this new production product coming out with lead free solder is going to
    be terrible, cold solder joints everywhere. Great for audio... ;)
  8. Mjolinor

    Mjolinor Guest

    500 gms last me about 2 years
  9. Andre

    Andre Guest

    Declare war on the E.U. and carry on using it anyway. :)

  10. Ian Bell

    Ian Bell Guest

    At least the same for me too. better get a few kilos in then. What's its
    shelf life?

  11. Ross Mac

    Ross Mac Guest

    I think that depends on the weather and how you store it.
    I found that I had to keep mine in a ziplock to avoid oxidation.....but I
    live in a forest.....In Arizona it probably lasts forever...that is if it
    doesn't just melt on the spool!
    Happy Holidays to all....Ross
  12. CWatters

    CWatters Guest

    I don't think the EU is worried about use of lead solder at home. It's
    probably more concerned with all the lead that goes into landfill when
    equipment is trashed at end of life. Also the lead that ends up in the water
    used to wash flux off PCBs when they are made in huge quantities
  13. Al

    Al Guest

    Nah, just like in California, they wanted zero-emmissons auto. It's
    physically impossible.

    So even now, the EU is making exceptions for military, space,
    communications, and god only knows what else. Only the poor slob will be
    affected as he will not be able to get eutectic tin/lead solder.

  14. Hedy

    Hedy Guest

    I worked in a PCB manufacturer, the actual market in Asia seems difficult to
    follow lead free, many testing got fail. For PCB finish, they tried to
    change from HAL to Immersion Silver, but it is not a really good method.
    Besides, for the green laminate, it is relatives higher in price, but what
    the market is.. cost down.. so who will willing to change to lead free!
  15. Ian Bell

    Ian Bell Guest

    Well as i read it, if they do not then after 2006 they will not be able to
    export to Europe.

  16. Andre

    Andre Guest

    Correction, cannot get *legally*. So what, all this will do is create
    a new smuggling racket and black market, as has happened with tobacco
    and alcohol.

    I think the E.U, should make an exception for hobbyists, unless they
    want a war on their hands.

  17. Ian Bell

    Ian Bell Guest

    I agree they should make an exception for hobbyists. They are already
    excepted from many other directives.

  18. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

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