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Lead free solder - exposed in a UK national newspaper

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by N_Cook, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. JosephKK

    JosephKK Guest

    So we can learn to be more Chinese, one country, two systems.
  2. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    Whenever I see references to amalgam fillings in this context, I always
    wonder just how 'real' the improvement in perceived well-being is. I don't
    doubt that you feel better now you have had them removed, but I really
    wonder how much of that is because you *expected* to feel better, because
    that's why you were having them removed ? Kind of like the double-blind
    placebo tests, when they are evaluating the efficacy of new pharmaceutical
    drugs. Have you located any studies as to whether people who have amalgam
    fillings actually have a higher level of mercury in their bodies than would
    be expected for their given location / lifestyle, and did these levels
    actually reduce, or at least stop going up, once the amalgam had been
    removed ? I'm interested to know, not least because I have an amalgam
    filling in just about every 4 - 8 tooth, both sides, top and bottom, and
    have had for 40 years or more since I was a kid, and they were the 'norm'.
    Although my memory, particularly short-term, is not as good as it was,
    otherwise, I would have rated my health as 'OK', and not any worse than I
    would expect for a mid 50's man with my location and lifestyle.

  3. Pete Wilcox

    Pete Wilcox Guest

    Loadsa mercury in my mouth too, but I was told by my dentist that *more*
    would be released into the body and absorbed during the process of having
    the fillings drilled out and replaced, than would be released by simply
    leaving them in place. Folks our age are going to die of *something* in
    two or three decades, regardless. I think that mercury, or lead, or
    whatever-other-heavy-metal poisoning is the least of our worries.

  4. nospam

    nospam Guest

    We are disposable containers for our genes.

    I think there is a quite reasonable argument that with our bodies having
    (by design) a limited life if they are not knackerd and contaminated by the
    time we die we have to some degree wasted them.

  5. TheM

    TheM Guest

    I wonder, should we ever be able to extend our lives to hundreds of years,
    what that might mean for our lifestyle.
    Living extremely healthy and avoiding pollution of all kinds, perhaps?


  6. Bullshit. A filling is so small that no meter made can read the
    resistance of it, nor is there an instrument than can measure any subtle
    differences from one to the next. That is aside from the fact that one
    would have to have the filling out to be able to access it across its
    breadth in order to take any such reading to begin with.

    Total and utter bullshit.

    Is Rosie O'Retard your favorite celebrity?

  7. More bullshit. Back when that organization was formed, silver/mercury
    amalgam filling were all there was available for the task. So no
    "selling" was required, nor practiced, idiot.
  8. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    Hmmm. Your passion for this subject is clear. I do, however, remain
    unconvinced that this is anything other than placebo effect, which has been
    shown in proper clinical trials, to be an extremely powerful entity. As far
    as I am aware - and I haven't read anything about this for some time - the
    human body is not good at removing heavy metal toxins from itself, without
    external help, so I would be surprised if your body had managed to just
    'clean itself' - especially overnight - of any mercury that might have been
    in there as a result of your fillings.

    As far as fillings dissolving as a mechanism for getting the mercury into
    your body goes, I have some that have been in my mouth untouched for
    probably 30 years. All of the saliva / beer / coca cola / lemon juice / tea
    / coffee / other drinks, don't seem to have touched them one iota. If they
    are smaller than they were, then it's by a fraction of a mm. I attend a
    dentist regularly, and he has not seen fit to replace any of these long-term
    fillings through reason of them being worn below what is acceptable for
    their function. He has, of course, had to replace the odd one from time to
    time over the 35 years that I have known him, for clinical reasons.

    Considering the (relatively) small proportion of the filling that is mercury
    in the first place, any such mercury ingression as a result of this
    dissolution, must be infinitessimally small, and probably absolutely
    negligible in comparison to other sources of mercury ingression, such as
    airborne from power stations or in the many pounds of tuna fish that I have
    eaten over the years. If you could show me a study that didn't call on
    hearsay and personal anecdotal evidence, and that could show that a body's
    mercury content decreased, or at least arrested in its upward climb after
    such fillings had been removed, then I might be more inclined to accept that
    there's something in it. Can you show any such study conducted under proper
    scientific protocols ?

  9. Pete Wilcox

    Pete Wilcox Guest

    Would require a MAJOR reduction in the birth-rate though, at least
    initially, in order to avoid over-population. This reminds me of Tim
    Leary's "SMILE" formula - the three major areas of development for the
    species over the coming decades should/will be (SM) = Space Migration,
    (I^2) = Increasing Intelligence, and (LE) = Life Extension. Despite the
    fact that he was a drugged-out nutter, these seem to me to be quite
    reasonable objectives.


  10. TOATAL BULLSHIT, you fucking idiot!

    And NO, you were NOT "kidding". YOU were the twit that just yesterday
    swore that the removal of your fillings made you "feel better", right?

    Gullible much?

  11. Rosie O'Donnell, you fucking idiot. Do you also not keep up with
    current events?

    That only makes you the second most gullible idiot on the planet.
  12. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    one reply got into print

    * The Guardian,
    * Thursday April 10 2008

    Getting the lead out

    Thank you for publishing the article on tin whiskers (Within a whisker of
    failure, April 3). Too much attention has been given to well-meaning people
    who are pushing the environmental agenda but with very little science behind
    what they are trying to achieve. Some of the green community captured the
    public attention and pushed through the no lead on electronics, when there
    was not sufficient test data available (actually there was a lot of data on
    US military aircraft). Now we are finding the problems of having a political
    agenda and not one based on science and facts.
    Steven Adamson, IMAPS president and Asymtek market manager
  13. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    Very nicely put by Mr Adamson and, whilst The Guardian is not one of my
    favourite rags, all credit to them for at least publishing a reply that
    swims against the tide, and does not tow the government line ... It's good
    to see some 'alternative' views finally making themselves heard in the
    public domain !

  14. krw

    krw Guest

  15. You're an idiot. You are the dope that needs help, boy.
    As if a retarded twit like you could make such an assessment, and have
    it actually be valid.
    Some lame dope that claims that the removal of his fillings made him
    "think clearer" does not deserve any respect from real men.
    It's called "free speech", you fucking retard. You know... just like
    you did by posting this OFF TOPIC horseshit thread into the groups.
    That's for goddamned sure.
    **** you AND your little story.

    Said the fucking retard that said the HugginsTard "saved a lot of
    lives". You are so full of shit. It is the Mercury in your blood that
    kills you. Metallic form mercury is virtually harmless, as is metallic
    form lead. So the fuckhead doctor did not save ANYBODY. All he is
    trying to do is foist his retarded book onto everyone. Too bad.

    You are nothing more than a paranoid, uneducated, uninformed twit.

    It isn't a "personal attack", it is a 100% valid and true observation.

    Your "reality" is what is fucked up in the thread.

    Get a fucking clue.
  16. krw

    krw Guest

    Ok, but that makes Junior the ASS troll.

  17. You're both fucking retarded.

  18. Look, you retarded ****! The way one tells if one has heavy metals in
    one's body is by way of a blood screening for heavy metals.

    It has NOTHING to do with ANY fucking dentist.

    It also has nothing to do with metallic form versions of Mercury or
    Lead. Cadmium IS poisonous in its base form, and THAT is the only banned
    in the electronics industry metals you need to worry about "touching".

    Your fucking fillings did NOT increase the Mercury in your system, nor
    did their removal decrease it, you fucking dope!

    Your "better feeling" IS a placebo effect!

  19. Except for the fact that the person that wrote that horseshit is the

    All I did was call you stupid.

    The truth hurts, eh?
  20. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

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