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LCDs in Sunlight

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Joseph Goldburg, Jan 21, 2004.

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  1. Hi all,

    What improvements can be to an LCD A) internal technology and B) External

    to ensure reliability of viewing and not frying the liquid crystals.

    Any pointers would be appreciated.

    Using a polarizing film or lens,
    Using a LDR to adjust the contrast.
    Using a fan to keep the PCB temp down
    Having a shade cover.
    Using a special LCD.

  2. Leon Heller

    Leon Heller Guest

    A reflective LCD would be OK. I can read the display on my old Palm IIIx
    perfectly with a 100 W light bulb shining on it from an inch away.

  3. Tilmann Reh

    Tilmann Reh Guest

    If the display is exposed to direct sunlight, you need a special
    LCD variant with a UV stable polarizer. Extended temperature range
    is also recommended. Your LCD supplier should know about these
    options (many displays are available in all four possible

    Dipl.-Ing. Tilmann Reh
    Autometer GmbH Siegen - Elektronik nach Maß.

    In a world without walls and fences, who needs Windows and Gates ?
    (Sun Microsystems)
  4. Doug Goncz

    Doug Goncz Guest

    There are LCD modification shops that take your laptop and modify it for any
    environment you'd like from sub zero to desert with direct sun.

    They add light control films, high performance polarizers, high output
    backlights, and other specific items, and they also do optical bonding, which I
    have done incorrectly producing spectacular results on a Fujitsu Stylistic

    Take my advice, unless you have a surplus source of the exact LCD used in your
    laptop or other device, don't fiddle with it. Have one of these shops do a
    proper job. They have clean rooms, skill, and materials and processes you

    If you do have a surplus source, then go to the library and read a book on
    LCDs. Maybe a university library. Then start experimenting. Have fun.

    Buy at least ten to start.

    My senior project at ODU:
    Google Groups, then "dgoncz" and some of:
    ultracapacitor bicycle fluorescent flywheel inverter
    Equipped with BoBike Mini removable child seat, too!
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