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LCD "zebra strip" repair for large displays?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Gone Fishin', Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. Gone Fishin'

    Gone Fishin' Guest

    I've read several descriptions of renovating zebra connectors, but they've
    all been for small LCD's.

    Has this been done successfully for large displays, such as laptops & desktop

    And yes, I'm sure it's the zebra and not a driver signal issue.

  2. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    Are you talking about traditional rubber/metal sub-mm sandwich zebra strip
    or the newer micron scale anisotropically conductive tape?
  3. notme

    notme Guest

    Hmm... don't know. 8-year-old laptop 14.1-inch tft xga lcd display. I
    presumed alternating insulator/conductor rubberized strip. How "new" is the
    tape technology?
  4. notme

    notme Guest

    That is to say, I haven't opened it up yet to look.

    What is the likelihood that this age display will be zebra type?

  5. spamme0

    spamme0 Guest

    I'd bet that it's not a zebra.

    If you've got lines out, you can try to press it down with
    a thumbnail or something similar to get the flexible circuit board
    stuck back to the glass. Then shim behind it to keep the pressure on.
    I've had some luck reducing the number of lines out, but rarely
    fixed 'em all. The second attempt always resulted in making it worse.

    I think removing and replacing the whole connected section is not practical
    without fixturing. Sideways alignment is critical.
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