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LCD TV choice / reliabilty

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by b, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. b

    b Guest

    Al Moodie ha escrito:
    Don't do it. what's wrong with the sony CRT set?
    LCD's are awful , see:,,2014901,00.html
  2. Al Moodie

    Al Moodie Guest


    I'm about to upgrade our 5 year old 26" Sony Wega CRT by purchasing
    an LCD TV, probably 40" - 46". I've been loking mostly at Sony and

    What's the general reliability/repairability of LCD TVs, particularly
    these brands.

    These sets come only with a 1 year warranty. Does it make sense to
    spend $250 for a 3 year extended warranty considering the sets
    themselves are priced at $1600 - $2000.

    Al Moodie.
  3. Mike Berger

    Mike Berger Guest

    That was not the conclusion of the article you cited.
    Maybe your criteria are different than al's.
  4. What is awful about them? I was just at Best Buy and the pictures on most
    them looked wonderful.
  5. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    Most of the pictures that I see on them look bloody awful, so I'm not going
    to be replacing my 36" Tosh CRT set anytime soon. However, I have seen some
    *very* good pictures on some NEC pro plasma panels installed at a local bar
    where I gave some assistance to the installer / supplier with some sound
    distribution issues. These were big mothers - like 60" - and weighed in at a
    hefty 6 grand UKP each, but it just goes to show that given the money, these
    things can work. I think that part of the problem is that people trade up
    from a 26" CRT set to a 40" flat panel, and then sit the same distance in
    front of it. I have to admit that the further you get away from them (
    assuming that your living room is big enough ) the better they look, but
    that's defeating the object of upgrading the size, as you come back to,
    effectively, a 26" equivalent again ...

    My daughter recently bought a 32" Philips LCD, and I have to say that in
    general, it looks pretty good - good enough brightness, contrast ratio and
    viewing angle, that I initially mistook it for a plasma. However, that said,
    you can still see motion artifacts on it, and colour shading rendition
    errors, that just are not there on a CRT set with a standard off-air TV
    signal going in - either analogue or digital. My mother has a Panasonic CRT
    set with a built in digital tuner which is now exclusively all that is used
    to receive off-air transmissions. With the exception of the low bitrate
    'cheapo' channels, which suffer from all of these digital display problems
    anyway, the picture on this set is still better than my daughter's LCD.

    I think that the best advice that can be given to anyone thinking of
    purchasing a flat panel TV, is to set aside a half day to go into the stores
    that are selling them, have a really good look from the sort of viewing
    distance and angle that you will be at in your home, and talk to the sales
    person. Whether they are showing pictures from a DVD or not, all stores have
    the capability of showing a real off-air picture, so you should ask to see a
    variety of stations' pictures on any set that takes your fancy. Don't be
    taken in by the nice darkened home cinema demo areas either. A lot of the
    time, your TV will be watched in daylight, not a darkened room. Also, don't
    let the salesman blind you with just HD pictures. Make sure that you see
    some 'normal' resolution pictures as well, as these will still be the
    standard for a while to come yet, and if the set is operating in a
    non-native mode to display these, it may perform rather less well than it
    does in its native hi res mode ( a bit like LCD PC monitors ).

    As far as the extended waranty deals go, I would recommend them, but make
    VERY sure that the panel itself is covered under the terms of it. Some, I
    believe, exclude this very expensive (both plasma and LCD) item. Hope this

  6. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    One has to remember that with any TFT LCD display,there's a certain number
    of pixels allowed to be defective and still be "salable" or "good".
    The LCD monitor I'm using has one bad pixel [ON,not OFF]close to the top of
    the display,and fortunately not in a really objectionable location.
  7. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    you know, i use to have 1 bad pixel with this DAEWOO 15", at some point,
    i don't know when, it cured it self.. :)
  8. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    They look pretty bad to me, especially if you view non-HD content on
    one. Even good HD content I tend to see a lot of banding with smooth
    gradients like sky. That said, I'd still rather a 40" LCD than a 26"
    SDTV but I'm still fond of CRT projection myself, despite the large size.
  9. clifto

    clifto Guest

    To me, a still picture on an LCD is really nice. A moving picture from an
    NTSC source or computer is nice. But the artifacts from HDTV broadcasting
    are horrible, and it wouldn't be any different on CRT, or plasma, or any
    form of projection.
  10. Gary Tait

    Gary Tait Guest

    At that size, I might look into plasma. Or check out reaer projection sets,
    if room allows.
  11. Guest

    Extended warranties are a major earner for retailers. If you view not
    having one as a bet, its a bet with excellent odds.

  12. John

    John Guest

    Above 32", plasma generally looks better than LCD, plus has a wider
    viewing angle.

    Consumer Reports used to recommend getting the extended warranty on
    LCD TV's because of the cost of backlight replacement, but now
    recommends against it - in 3-5 years, you can buy a new TV for just a
    little more than the extanded warranty. As usual, they made that
    change just after we bought a new 26" Sharp with warranty....
  13. That sounds like you were watching a Sony LCD TV.
    Just because Sony sucks doesn't mean that all LCD TVs suck, dickhead.
  14. UCLAN

    UCLAN Guest

    Ah, the foul-mouthed troll returns. Shields UP!
  15. **** YOU AND **** SONY!!!
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