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LCD projector convergence?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by desiv, Feb 6, 2004.

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  1. desiv

    desiv Guest

    OK, I have a Runco LCP-500 projector, which is an NEC MT600 projector

    I got it used. It had a good picture, but a few dust spots. (small color

    I can be an idiot at times, but decided not to be with this! I called
    around and found a local shop who said they would clean the dust for $80. I
    figured, sure..

    So I take it in. I get it back, there's more smaller dust spots AND it's
    out of focus. The red is shifted a bit to the right.

    I call em and take it back. They call me today. They got the dust out, but
    they can't fix the convergence problem. I remind them that they caused the
    convergence problem!!

    The tech tells me he wants to fix it, but he can't get any info from the
    maker! They won't talk to him. So I need to call them and tell them to
    give him the information. Ha!

    I ask him if he took his car in for repair and it came back worse, what
    would he do? He said (I swear), "I'd call the manufacturer." If it wasn't
    me, it'd be funny.

    I could have lived with the dust, it was just a few spots, but the picture
    is unwatchable now.

    So, (rant mode OFF) I'm not looking for any problems. I'm willing to do his
    footwork for him if it'll help get my projector back. Is there anything I
    can tell him? Somewhere I can point him? Anything?


    (rant mode back ON)
    If he couldn't fix it, he should have told me up front! When doing computer
    work, I don't work on something unless I'm pretty sure I know what I'm
    doing. And when I accidentally fried someone's CPU when working on it, I
    bought them a new one. That's what you do when you work on things and you
    mess up!!! I've never taken anyone to court over anything, not even small
    claims, and I don't want to... But I don't see this guy taking
    responsibility for his mistake.. Not been a good week (Heater died and
    because I'm a bit of a pushover, it took 4 days to get fixed.) I always
    think that if I'm polite and patient, people will appreciate it. They
    don't. They take advantage.. I know, my fault on that.. But still...
    (rant mode back OFF)
  2. NEC projectors in particular are subject to distortion of the panels
    caused by heat. They are held in place by lockable Allen screws. If
    a panel is disturbed at all it may slip in its frame a bit, causing
    different colours to be slighlty different sizes, thus no overall
    convergence, and the focus slips.. We've had that several times with
    projectors coming into the repair shop where I worked. They were
    "cleaned' by the owner or an outside shop. There is no repair other
    than by buying new, expensive panels, however it may have been ready
    to go anyway and the cleaning just gave it a push.

    . Steve .
  3. Art

    Art Guest

    Agreed, if the servicer took the panels out and then had problems
    reinserting them properly, will cause your registration problem. As Steve
    stated, it may require replacement of the panel if the mounts and/or holders
    are damaged. Resolution, ask the servicer if they are willing to absorb the
    cost of actually repairing the item or if they would care to refund your
    service fee so you can use another servicer that is a bit more competent.
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