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LCD PC info display software.

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Gary J. Tait, Jan 27, 2005.

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  1. Gary J. Tait

    Gary J. Tait Guest

    Basically I have a couple HD44780 compatible LCD modules that are hard
    wired for 4 bit mode (the lower 4 bits aren't available on the
    connector)so 8 bit mode is not an option).

    I want to use one for a PC info display (CPU/System/RAM/Network/Winamp

    I need software to directly use the LPT port, or code for an AT902313
    micro for standard serial protocol, which software like CrystalFontz
  2. Mark Jones

    Mark Jones Guest

    The LPT has plenty of pins to output data directly to an LCD. If you
    are planning on writing a PC application to collect all that info and
    spit it out the LPT port, the skill in doing that dwarfs the micro's
    complexity by probably an order of magnitude.

    A resource I've been perusing lately is -
    masm32 is a "high-level" macro assembler which works a lot more like a
    HLL than is immediately thought. Depending on parallel/serial access
    routines (I have no idea yet of their use in MASM32) you might
    consider MASM32 with a GUI front-end like - which can help to make a really
    nice-looking and full-featured Win32 app.

    Back to hardware: if you can already write the application to send
    the data to the LPT port, then all you need is a good datasheet for
    connecting your LCD directly and sending the right order of bits. Six
    leads are required: D0-4, E, R/S (and R/W if you ever plan on reading
    data back from the LCD buffer, otherwise just pull it low.) I'm sure
    we could find some generic info if you need it, the HD44780 spec is
    pretty well-known.

    It should be possible to have your AVR poll serial data over COM1 and
    output this to LCD, but from other's experience timing/interrupts is
    pretty tricky. You could try as someone most
    likely has already made such a beast. I know several have done such
    with PICs; if you can use a PIC instead, the JAL language includes
    serial and LCD libraries. and

    -- "If necessity is the mother of invention, then is experimentation
    the father?" MCJ 20041116
  3. Gary J. Tait

    Gary J. Tait Guest

    The hardware is somewhat eay (except for only have the 4 data bits
    availble to the LCD.)
    I don't want to go that far, I'd sooner use a premade application, if
    someone has one.
    I can do that.... In Q-Basic, which I can only run for testing, not
    acual useage on an XP box.

    AVRFreaks requires registation, so I won't go there. I can only use
    AVR, as that is what I have on hand, and have no place to just pick up
    some pics. I would sooner have complet code or bin to make the LCD
    with AVR a "Standard" serial LCD.
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