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LCD Mounting

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by mpm, Jan 15, 2008.

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  1. mpm

    mpm Guest

    I really must be missing something here...

    How do you mount an LCD character type display to any of these
    commonly available, pre-fab plastic housings? Particularly the ones
    that already have a cut-out for the display. Such as this one:

    Do you think the designers have a clue about electronics?
    'Cause every way I look at this, mounting the LCD is going to be a

  2. Al

    Al Guest

    There are many varieties of shapes for the LCD displays. It looks you
    have to do a little handcrafting of the holder. I've than on my one off

  3. yep a nightmare, I use powertip datasheets, as they have very simple
    drawings that suit me fine, Denstitron datasheets were disgusting,
    almost impossible to get the dimensions figured out

    Pactec are good, so are the hammond 1455 series

  4. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

    Usually, with four standoffs/spacers and appropriate fasteners.


    Do you think the size of the rectangular cutout in the bezel panel
    was chosen at random?


    All you have to do is center the character part of the display in
    the opening, figure out the length of the standoffs, and then locate
    and drill (and maybe countersink) the mounting holes.
  5. donald

    donald Guest

    See post with same subject in alt.binaries.schematics.electronic for a jpg.

    The designers of these boxes have no idea what this box will be use with.

    Its up to you, mpm.

  6. John Fields

    John Fields Guest


    Take a look at the bezel panel and it becomes apparent that they've
    sized it so that many common 2X16 character displays will fit behind
    it. They've also given edge-to-edge and mounting dimensions for the
    PCB, so it's not like they're thinking the enclosure is going to be
    filled with something else.

    Also, take a look at the flat part of the upper deck.

    Doesn't it seem like it'd be really easy to mount a keypad there?
  7. donald

    donald Guest

    Ouch !!!

    If you are correct, which display did they (the plastic people) use as a
    model ??

    Why didn't those engineers put in bosses to hold the display in the
    correct position ??

    I am sorry, I just don't buy it.

    Close, but no cigar.

  8. mpm

    mpm Guest

    With all that said, honestly, I would have been just as happy if they
    would have provided a part number for an LCD guaranteed to fit the
    enclosure. Preferably from one of the better known LCD manufacturers.

    I do like this particular PacTec enclosure, and I can probably
    engineer a workaround to mount the LCD (still looking for better
    options), but you would think an enclosure provider would benefit by
    supplying a product that avoids the time-suck of having to fiddle with

    Update: I've now tried about 15 common LCD (2x16) and NONE of them
    are a perfect fit.
    Some are reasonably close, but will still require modification of the
    enclosure to mount.

  9. linnix

    linnix Guest

    Why don't you ask them? They have phone, email and web inquiry
    I am sure they can sell you their custom LCD or custom mold the panel
    for you, if you buy enough from them.
    Engineerings and Marketings are often very different. Showing their
    sample enclosures does not mean they really want to sell them.
    Welcome to the real world.
  10. donald

    donald Guest

    I have had this same problem for years.

    I have asked other plastic companies about this, and I got that answer I

    So picking a box should be the first priority in doing a new project.

  11. linnix

    linnix Guest

    Designing a box should be the first priority. Plastic boxes cost less
    than one dollar, if you design and manufacturing (outsourcing) them.
    If you need to drill a couple of holes in OTS boxes, it would cost
    more than one dollar.

    Your one dollar enclosure is protecting your hundred dollars hardware/
    software/whatever more than physically. People don't seem to
    understand why they can't just buy the iphone case for a dollar, since
    it cost less than a dollar to make them.

    Good to see an experienced Engineer here. Many people here want to
    market their ideas without paying anything.
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