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LCD Monitors question

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by L., Aug 2, 2004.

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  1. L.

    L. Guest

    I have a question which was posed to me yesterday. "I" am not familiar with
    LCD Computer Monitors from Lap tops past the point of looking at one as I am
    now to type this. I've never taken one off, or even peered into the inside
    of a laptop or seen any schematics for an LCD display to have been able to
    even come close to answering this question.

    The question was.....

    Given there are many used laptops out there with colored monitors, is there
    a way they can be removed from the laptop and voltages applied - including
    any reference voltages - to be used to hook up to a DVD player or some other
    unit needing a video display????

    I will forward all replies to my friend, and I thank you in advance - as I
    too will learn something here. My field is electronics, but we can't know
    everything - can we? I'd love to meet the person who claims to.

  2. Bob Myers

    Bob Myers Guest

    It's certainly POSSIBLE, but not without some serious design &
    construction work. You would need to reproduce the "front end"
    circuits of a monitor or TV, which take the signals from the video
    source and modify them so as to properly drive the panel (basically,
    re-scaling the image format to match that of the panel, convert to
    the proper drive/timing for the panel in question, etc.). It's not a
    trivial task, as it involves a good deal more than just taking the
    panel out of the laptop, feeding it the right voltages, and connecting
    the video signal to wherever. Again, doable, but not something that
    you're going to tackle without help if you have no prior experience.
    And it'll no doubt be a whole lot simpler just to go find a monitor with
    the appropriate video input.
    Gee, it's pretty easy to CLAIM to. :)

    Bob M.
  3. L.

    L. Guest

    Thanks..... I'll pass it on. I'm not much of a TV enthusiast to watch my TV
    in the living room, let alone carry one in a car or portable. I use my TV to
    put me to sleep! Anyway, as I said, I was asking for a friend who posed the
    question to me yesterday after he was looking at some LCD monitors for DVD
    play back - in Circuit City. He doesn't have access to news groups to ask,
    so he knowing I did, thought I could put a feeler out to anyone who may be
    able to give a reply. He has limited electronics experience and may even
    want to play with the ideas as presented. All I can say to him is GOOD LUCK!

    Thanks again!

  4. L.

    L. Guest

    Thanks, I'll forward this on.... I appreciate the response.


  5. andy

    andy Guest

    i looked into this for someone i know, and it's possible but not easy.
    there are custom chips out there to do this, but they are 160 pin surface
    mount devices which expect to be connected to a microcontroller to handle
    things like brightness/contrast controls. not a simple project. there is a
    german company who seem to be selling prebuilt boards to do this -

    silicon image and phillips both make chipsets for this.
  6. Richard

    Richard Guest

    Ah, but what about using the display on a standard VGA output? What does
    that involve?

  7. Bob Myers

    Bob Myers Guest

    I was actually assuming a standard VGA output when I wrote
    that. With other forms of analog video (e.g., a composite
    NTSC output, S-Video, etc.) the task is somewhat worse,
    due to the need to decode the video into RGB in addition
    to the tasks previously mentioned.

    Bob M.
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