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LCD monitor problem

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by DP, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. DP

    DP Guest


    I have a Sony 18" LCD monitor. (model SDM-S81)
    The monitor shows the darkest black areas as grey or sometimes a grainy
    green or dark blue.
    The green/blue usually shows up when it's going from normal to grey.

    Other colors are normal - even when the black is grey or turning to grey.
    Black text on a white page looks nearly normal. The screen image is always
    stable - there is no flickering.

    I do not believe it is the backlight since the image is still bright and

    If the monitor is left off for a number of days it may return to normal for
    a few hours. But, it also has returned to normal after being on all day.

    Any ideas about what may be causing this?

  2. DP

    DP Guest

    I have hooked it up to my laptop and the result is the same. Even if the
    monitor is not connected to anything the screen is grey.
  3. DP

    DP Guest

    ....and - of course - this happened 2-3 months after the 3-year warranty
  4. Dan Fraser

    Dan Fraser Guest

    I woulf assume that Sony is like all other LCD monitor makers and offer no
    internal parts. Sounds like you live with it or give it so someone who does
    not care about the color problem and buy a new one.

  5. DP

    DP Guest

    I was hoping some tech would have seen this problem before and knew the
    cure was either a simple one that could be fixed with common replacement
    parts...or that the fix was major and would end up costing more than a
    new screen.
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