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LCD Module Pinout

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by ahmed samir, Jul 11, 2004.

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  1. ahmed samir

    ahmed samir Guest

    hi there

    i have been looking around for the datasheet or atleast the pinout for
    this LCD module i got ,but no luck, ofcourse i asked at the store
    where i got it ,but they have no clue

    the lcd module is 40x1 lcd, with 20 pin cable-like the ide cable-and

    all the marking on it is:

    Citizen japan, h2010h-tr

    please help me i can't make any use of this module without it's pinout

    ah,BTW it has hitachi controllers on it one hd44103 and many hd44102
  2. Graham W

    Graham W Guest

    When I looked at these LCD modules some time ago, I found that
    they all had the same pinout whether they were 1 x 40 or 4 x 64.
    So see if you can find some info on any serial data LCDs and compare
    the pinouts.
  3. andy

    andy Guest

    if you have a look at the linux lcd projects lcd4linux, lcdmod, or
    lcdproc, you might find something there - i know there are pinouts for how
    to attach a parallel lcd module to a PC parallel port.

    (google on the project name plus linux lcd)
  4. James Arthur

    James Arthur Guest

    Cornucopia of info:

    Also, noticing that your uppercase letters seem to have run low,
    allow me to donate a few spares:

    Feel free to use them in your posts.

    James Arthur
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