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LCD module 8X2 stucks afther 8th char

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by blisca, Feb 10, 2007.

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  1. blisca

    blisca Guest

    Hi.i'm still crying on LCD module
    now i 'm using a Powertip PC0802a based on a ks0076,(it should be compatible
    with hd44780 8X2 modules...but does it really means that i can swap them
    without any difference?????)i wrote my routines in assembly language for a
    pic 16f628,4 bit interface

    it works fine except the fact that i f write in the 8th column of a row it


    movlw '1'
    call send_data
    movlw '2'
    call send_data
    movlw '7'
    call send_data

    call Delay ;time to show it


    it is ok,but if if i add a

    movlw '8'
    call send_data

    well,no way to move out from here

    Any hints?

    Thank you
    Diego Italy
  2. J.A. Legris

    J.A. Legris Guest

    If the 8th character is on the 2nd line, then its address will
    continue from 0x40, not 0x08. I believe this is because, many years
    ago, the controller IC was designed to work with various sizes of LCD
    and the 64-character line (0x40) was chosen as the maximum length.
  3. blisca

    blisca Guest

    thank you,but the reason was prior to this...once again it is my
    drivin the lcd with 4 bits interface i did a mistake in the way i checked
    the busy flag...

    the flag must be checked only on the first nibble....and if the check fails
    both nibbles must be sent is evident by the timing diagram ,but i
    interpreted it wrongly....

    once i corrected it it wrks fine
    the 8th char is on the first line ,and the 9th at 0X40 as you said

    thanks again
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