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LCD Laptop Repair Question ...

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Max, Feb 2, 2005.

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  1. Max

    Max Guest

    Hi , having a NEC SiX laptop with a LCD problem.

    After a few minutes , the LCD starts to "flicker" and goes very dark . Can
    just see that something is on the screen but not more.

    I did some search on LCD repair FAQ and they are talking about an INVERTER
    or backlight problem.

    Any Idea to how finding this problem.

    I had confirmed that the LCD is faulty by replacing it with another one
    (Same brand).

    Doesn't seem to be intermittent also .

    Any idea ?
  2. cmdrdata

    cmdrdata Guest

    If you know how to open up your display laptop, for $20 bucks (parts +
    S&H) you may be able to isolate your problem, and maybe fix it. If not,
    then leave it to someone that knows how, or buy a used, but good and
    complete assembly from eBay. Here's my suggestion:

    Go to: Find out which CCFL
    closely match your laptop display (shorter is the goal if you can't
    find one like it). Without removing the old one, just disconnect the
    cable that comes from the display to the inverter, connect in the new
    CCFL onto the inverter (this involves many steps and care as there will
    over 100 VAC low current on the wire when powered on, and also matching
    connector/plug). If the inverter is good, it should lite up your CCFL.
    If that works, then you have to figure out how to replace the old
    assembly withe new. If not, you've lost $20 and maybe try to get an
    inverter from eBay and try that. My guess is that the CCFL is
    gettting old and about to expire completely, hence the inverter not
    able to keep it lit up.
  3. lavinci

    lavinci Guest

    the inverter of this lcd panle are very critical.
    check the ic power regulator inside.
    probably is near to be bad !!!
    write the ic on the ng. please
    bye Luca
  4. lavinci

    lavinci Guest

    inverter have always problem in the ic power regulator
    is an smd 8 pin near the smt transf.
    check it !!!
    write the ics p\n on the ng please
    bye Luca
  5. Max

    Max Guest

    Ok , I had opened it.

    The coil (transfo) # is 22.0266.22 0022
    The IC is MP1010EMA

    There is a small coil
    "lavinci" <> a écrit dans le message de .
  6. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    It could be the inverter or the backlight tube, either hook up a known good
    tube and see if it works normally, or replace the inverter if you can find a
    good deal on one.
  7. clatonium

    clatonium Guest

    Since the laptop itself is NEC, does this mean the display panel itself
    is NEC? You might check it, and grab the model number. You might be
    able to find a listing for it here :
    and get a better approximation of the lamp inside, rather than just
    guessing based on whether it's a 14.1 inch or such sized display.

    I'm putting my money on an inverter problem. Usually the CCFL will just
    get dim, or will develop dark bands, uneven light, etc. If it's going
    out entirely I suspect that the inverter is kaput.
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