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LCD Image Retension

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jerry G., Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. Jerry G.

    Jerry G. Guest

    LCD Monitor Retention Fix

    LCD monitors do not burn in. But, they do have the possibility of
    having image retention. This looks like a burnin, but it is not burned

    Many of dealers have been telling their customers that an LCD monitor
    does not need a screen saver running, because it cannot be burned in.
    They are not aware of possible retention problems with LCD monitors.

    Apparently, when the LCD crystals are held in to a particular position
    for a long period of time, they do not relax back to their proper
    default position. There is some theory about a buildup of heavy ion
    charges along the structure of the crystals that have been retained in
    their active non relaxed position. It appears that on faster and
    higher contrast ratio LCD monitors this effect can be more apparent.

    Screens with phosphors such as a CRT or Plasma screen cannot be
    reversed once they have burnin. This is because these types can be
    actually burned. In these types of monitors it is the phosphors that
    become burned. An LCD monitor does not use phosphors, but it can have
    retention. The manufactures in both cases will not warranty the
    monitor for any type of retention or burnin problems.

    Running a screen saver with any type of monitor is the best solution.

    How to perform the fix:

    Go to My Documents, and make a folder called LCD Retention Fix, or any
    name that you would like to use. What you will need are two full
    screen pictures. One must be full screen white, and the other must be
    full screen black.

    Open the Paint program. Select Image and then Attributes. Set the
    Horizontal and Vertical to be proper for the monitor resolution that
    you are using.

    Use the Fill With Colour option and make an all White palette for the
    full screen. Save this as White to the folder that is to be used for
    the LCD Retention Fix. Do the same but in Black, and call it Black.
    What you want is to have an all white slide, and an all black slide.

    Go to the Display Properties. Select the Screen Saver. In the Screen
    Saver, select "My Picture Show", or "My Slide Show". Go to Settings
    for this option. In the settings, adjust the screen slide display size
    for 100%. Turn off all the special effects. Adjust the time for 10
    seconds. In the Source file option, use the Brows option and set it to
    the folder for the LCD Retention Fix.

    Set the Screen Saver to turn on in the period of time that you feel
    comfortable with. Most people use 10 to 15 minutes. Go to the Power
    option, and set the system to turn the monitor off not less than 1

    What will happen is that when the screen saver is used, it will be
    toggling the LCD screen between black and white every 10 seconds. This
    will force the LCD pixels to twist through their full range from black
    to white. Eventually this is supposed to fix the problem.

    For the first number of days, it may be a good idea to leave the
    monitor toggling through the black to white range 24/7.

    Using this option as a screen saver for any LCD monitor should be

    Some manufactures are saying that if there are retention problems with
    their monitor, switching it off for a long period of time should allow
    the crystals to relax back to their normal position. Some manufactures
    are saying that several days should be adequate, depending on how bad
    the problem is.

    Comments About LCD Retention:

    Jerry G.
  2. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Shutting off the monitor, or enabling power management to do so when not in
    use is an even better solution.
  3. JANA

    JANA Guest

    This is for getting rid of the retention. If there is no retention, shutting
    the monitor off is a good idea.

    We have some monitors that had retention problems. This fix really worked
    well for us!



    Shutting off the monitor, or enabling power management to do so when not in
    use is an even better solution.
  4. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Yes, that's why I was only replying to the "running a screen saver" portion.
    The rest is perfectly valid if it works, I've never had to use it myself.
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